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Right Connection and Right Employee

We help employees to find a great company that matches their dream career and we help employers to hire wisely.


Job Portal

What you can do on Hubforjobs. *List Jobs, Employers can build a brand page, Apply for a job, and Research Salaries.

Skill Training

We train graduates to be ready for work.

Job Counseling

We provide job counseling for jobseekers in Lagos, Abuja and all over Nigeria. This service is available for all job seekers.

Interview Test

We can offer to interview applicants so that we are sure we give you the best candidates.

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Our vision

We are helping to solve unemployment problems in Nigeria.

Provide salary information about companies, and help companies to find talent that matches their job requirements.  Company reviews, salary search, interview help and helping people to find a good job. 


Fast and effecint resume upload for all job seekers.

For All

Employers Employees Recruiters

More than just a job site

We provide information abou companies, how much they pay, the best companies to work for in Nigeria. Resume update tutorials and more.


We connect the right employees to the best fit job and we also connect employer with the best talent. We help you to reduce your turnover rate.

What our client say

" Found a Consulting job in Nigeria. Good way to get started and it was worth it. "

Dyas Kardinal Designation

" Found my career job here with top salary. Thank you. "

Smasi Khan Designation
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