YouTube Video cast for Premier League game day braodcast


Hybrid job

Job Description is hiring YouTube video experts to participate in our game commentary broadcast. In some rare cases, the person will work from home or record the video from home.

We have a studio where we will be recording on game days and sometimes we will go to town to speak to Premier League fans. Sometimes the coverage can be on MLS soccer and that production will be handled in the house too.


  • Must be able to operate a video camera
  • Camera-ready and camera sharp
  • Must be available on game days which are mainly weekends and some weekdays
  • Able to work with a microphone and a teleprompter.
  • Affluent in English and sometimes in pidgin English
  • Must reside in Nigeria
  • Must have inept knowledge of football positions, and players, and be familiar with the premier league rules.
  • Ready to have a respective discussion on Air.

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