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What Type Of Job Can A Nigerian Student Do While Studying In The University?

What Type Of Job Can A Nigerian Student Do While Studying In The University?

If you are a student in Nigeria and curious about the type of jobs you can do and earn some income while studying, this post is for you. as we will be taking a look at jobs you can do as a student that won’t affect your studies.What Type Of Job Can A Nigerian Student Do While Studying In The University?

What Type Of Job Can A Nigerian Student Do While Studying In The University?

Freelance Writing Jobs

If you have good writing skills, you can work as a freelance writer while you study. This job offers you flexibility and if you have good time management skills and can prioritize tasks, you should do well as a freelance writer. As a freelance writer, you can earn per content delivered, every week, or monthly basis depending on your agreement with your employer.

Data Entry Jobs

As a student, if you have a functional PC, smartphone, and reliable internet, you can consider data entry jobs if you want to work and make some money while studying. To work effectively in this role, you will need to have good typing and proofreading skills. You should have good record-keeping skills too. In most cases, all you are required to do is input data into a system. 

Virtual Assistant Jobs

This is another job you can do as a student. This is because this job can be done remotely. If you have good time management skills working as a virtual assistant shouldn’t affect your studies. Working in this role, you will be required to work online since it is a virtual job. You are primarily expected to support your employer with some day-to-day office tasks like typing documents, sending emails, replying to emails, and possibly serving as a correspondence too. 

Social Media Management

If you are social media savvy and interested in working to make some money while you study, this job is ideal for you. Working as social media manager requires you to handle your employer’s social media pages, create and curate relevant content for the pages, reply to messages and swiftly escalate inquiries to the appropriate quarters.

Graphics Design

If you are creative and can work with basic graphic design software, you can work as a graphic designer while you study. Working as a graphic designer gives you the flexibility of working at your own pace while studying. You will be required to create compelling visual representations of concepts. If you enjoy being creative and working with a variety of styles and color palettes you could be a good fit for this job. As a graphic designer, you can take a job that pays you monthly or you go strictly freelance. 


This is another job you can do on-site in your school. This typically involves taking photographs of your colleagues and editing them. You can as well work with modeling agencies on a freelance basis, and cover events during your free time. This is a very good job for you as a student. All you need for this job is a good camera and a functional laptop that has photo editing software installed on them. You can venture into video coverage as well.


This is an ideal job for a student as most successful bloggers started while in school. You can dedicate your free time to blogging. All you need to do is to identify the blogging niche that interests you and get started. As a blogger you can get paid via sponsored posts, direct ads placement, or monetization via third-party ads serving agencies like google Adsense, ezoic, chikita e.t.c

Affiliate Marketing

This job is all about marketing or advertising a company’s product allowing you to make commisions based on a successful purchase or sealed deals. If you are very active on social media and very strategic, this could be a lucrative job for you. This job does not affect your studies in any way. As you have full control over how you wish to work.

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