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What To Expect In A Tech Interview

What To Expect In A Tech Interview

If you are applying for a tech role, it’s commonplace to expect technical questions. These questions are aimed at assessing your technical ability – usually specific to the role you are applying for. In this post, we will be taking you through what to expect in a tech interview. As we previously said, the questions that will be asked are designed to assess your problem-solving abilities and how you approach the presented problem itself. 

Tech realated interviews normally go hand in hand with a handson practical session literally to test your abilities and proficiency in the role you are applying for. Many tech interview questions will relate directly to the job role so read the job description carefully and make sure you feel confident with the skills required.

What Employers Are Looking For In A Tech Interview

  • Strong technical knowledge (specific to the job role itself)
  • A thirst to learn more about relevant technologies and the industry
  • An understanding of how you think and problem solve
  • Good reasoning and analytical skills
  • How you handle pressure

Interview Questions To Expect

  • Questions to demonstrate you have an understanding of the broader technical activities of the company
  • Questions that show you have an understanding of the technical work required
  • Questions about modules in your degree course (if relevant to the company)
  • Technical problem examples (examples that would exist in your day-to-day at the company)

Tips For A Successful Tech Interview

  • If you know you’ll be using a certain application or system during the interview, Practice so hard.
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to learn by ask the interviewer questions
  • If you do anything wrong, try not to be surprised by it. The questions are meant to test our highest level of intelligence.
  • Be honest if you don’t have the solution to a problem. The range of technical skills available nowadays is essentially limitless, and you’ll undoubtedly be asked about your familiarity with a wide variety of programs. Don’t overhype your abilities or tell lies. Be truthful because you could be required to provide proof. Interviewers are interested in more than simply the boxes you check; they also want to discover where your fundamental skills reside and where your knowledge base might be expanded. 
  • Saying no when in doubt is acceptable, but make sure to express interest in the opportunity and a readiness to learn new things and broaden your skill set.
  • On your application, be truthful. Tech interviews assess your proficiency with a particular application or system. Saying you are proficient in a program or coding language when you are not can simply lead to your discovery, which is much worse for everyone involved.

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