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What To Ask A Prospective Client

What To Ask A Prospective Client

Knowing your values and having them stated will help the client understand if they align well with you on that front. It is very paramount to know the right kind of question to ask your potential clients as this phase in the client acquisition process can either make or mar your chances of securing the gig. Like we rightly said the kind of quetion you ask your client goes a very long way to convince them. In this article, we will be emphasizing on what to ask a prospective client. 

What To Ask A Prospective Client

We have outlined the top questions to ask a prospective client. 

What are your objectives/goals?

It can be tempting to open a customer conversation by requesting their needs. else “What do you want?” Nevertheless, receiving a succinct and precise response is frequently easier said than done. Potential clients might not be able to describe the precise good or service they desire, particularly if they are unaware that it already exists. 

The majority of people, though are excellent at expressing what they don’t want or what doesn’t fit with their current configuration. Start by having them list their current discomforts. What do they now lack and where do they need your assistance?

How Can We Serve You Better?

One of the most crucial questions to ask potential clients particularly on a survey or feedback form. One negative encounter is all it takes for someone to stop using your services. You need to be aware of any grey areas where you can improve so that you can take proactive action. One caution? You cannot merely pose this query and withhold the solutions.This is a direct question that needs to be answered right away. Show your customers that you are looking into any product flaws or service gaps. They will be aware of the value of their time and contribution.

What Made You Interested in Our Products/Services?

Want to increase foot traffic to your physical store or drive more customers to your e-commerce website? Understanding what brought your present consumers in the door in the first place is necessary before you can draw in more customers. The responses to this question might assist you in determining whether your lead generation, advertising, and messaging strategies are performing as intended. Are customers responding to your digital ads, sponsored social media posts, and storefront signage, or are there more effective ways to spend your marketing budget?

What Do You Think We Do Better Than Our Competitors

Every business requires a genuine differentiator. Even though you can use this question to pinpoint your greatest assets, it’s crucial to frame it in a way that invites precise responses. Even though a rapid “Everything!” response may be pleasant to hear, it won’t assist you decide which business sectors to emphasize in your core marketing. Instead, you need clients to provide you enough information so that you can identify significant trends in their responses. 

Which terms, expressions, or circumstances keep coming up in their responses? Are a lot of folks ecstatic about your prompt delivery? What about the new product upgrades you just made or your excellent customer service? Pay attention to what they enjoy and make use of it.

What Do You Honestly Think We Could Do Better?

Without comprehending the criticism, you cannot receive the appreciation. Follow up the last query right away with this one.

This initially appears to be entirely focused on how to enhance your customer service. Even though that’s a factor, it’s not the only one. Insights that might result in inventions are what you’re actually looking for. A consumer might respond, “You’ve always done X, have you thought about attempting Y,” in response to this query. That straightforward concept might lead to a significant transformation of your operations, services, and goods.

What Keyword Would You Use To Find Our Business Online?

Every business executive with an online presence is becoming more and more aware of the significance of SEO (SEO). Numbers surely lag if your local audience can’t find you online. What is the secret to improving your website niche? You must be aware of the keywords and keyphrases that your clients use while looking for companies like yours. With the help of this list, you have a better chance of producing blogs, websites, and pages that appear on Google’s highly sought-after first page.

Do You Refer Us To Others? Why Or Why Not?

Did you know that 85% of small company owners depend on word-of-mouth recommendations to bring in the most local clients? You need to be aware if consumers aren’t enthused enough about your good or service to recommend it to others. You must pay attention to what they are saying if they are promoting it. The power of promotion is the basis for a whole management tool. The willingness of your consumers to promote your business to others is measured by an index known as the Net Promoter Score, with scores ranging from -100 to 100.

You can categorize your customers into the following based on the answers you get: 

  • Promoters
  • Passives
  • Detractors

What makes this exercise crucial? Numerous boosters can be neutralized by one significant detractor. To move the pendulum in the right direction, you need to understand who is enthusiastic about your brand and who is not.


It can be challenging to pose probing questions. This is especially true if the responses relate to the company you’ve worked so hard to establish. However, you’re already in the lead if you take the effort to better comprehend the thinking of your clientele. These connections are crucial for enhancing your value proposition, bringing in new customers, and keeping those who are already committed to your business.

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