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What is the Salary of a Marine Engineer in Nigeria?


Are you a fresh graduate of Marine Engineering venturing into the workforce? Or did you recently switch locations and are wondering how much you can expect in the new area? Did you bag a higher degree in Marine Engineering – are you curious to find out how much difference it will make in your paycheck? This article is filled with insights that provide answers to your questions concerning the salary of a marine engineer. How much does a Marine Engineer truly earn in Nigeria? It’s time to find out.

Who is a Marine Engineer?

A marine engineer is responsible for building and maintaining ship engines. He works in collaboration with the Naval Architect. He also conducts routine checks on offshore rigs and equipment to effect repairs where necessary. The marine engineer typically works in an office where he uses digital tools and software to analyze projects and design new projects. The services of a Marine Engineer are employed in:

  • Oil Companies
  • Organizations that offer contract-based engineering services. Marine engineers work with these establishments as consultants.
  • Ship and Boat Building Companies
  • The Nigerian Navy
  • Government Ministries and Parastatals

Average Salary of a Marine Engineer in Nigeria

Marine engineering is rated among the top 10 best-paying jobs in the engineering industry. This begs the question, “how much do Marine Engineers truly earn?” Marine engineering professionals in Nigeria typically earn an average of NGN300,000 per month. The average minimum wage is NGN160,000, with the highest paid marine engineer earning up to NGN800,000 monthly. The salary of a marine engineer is influenced by different factors.

Factors that Influence How Much a Marine Engineer Earns

1. Level of Experience

Naturally, workers with more years of experience under their belt are paid more in any profession. The more experience you have doing a job, the more credibility you have. Experience improves your skills. Statistics have proven that an average person earns twice the amount of his starting salary by the 10th year of working in a particular job role.

A marine engineer who has less than two years of experience will only be hired for an entry-level position. Entry-level marine engineers earn an average of NGN180,000 per month. Professionals with above 2 years of experience but less than 5 years, may expect an average salary of NGN230,000 per month. Marine engineers who have been on the playing field for 5 to 10 years attract more trust in their services and are estimated to earn an average salary of NGN350,000 per month.

Those who can boast of over ten years of active service as a Marine Engineer attract paychecks at least 17% more than those with less. The estimated average salary for marine engineers with over 10 years of experience is:

  • Ten to fifteen years of experience – NGN380,000
  • Fifteen to twenty years of experience – NGN430,000
  • Twenty years of experience and above – NGN480,000

2. Location

A person’s salary is also influenced by the pay trend within a particular location – the same as the system of payment. Depending on the state of residence, Marine engineers in Nigeria earn an average of:

  • NGN540,000 – Lagos State. The pay range is between NGN400,000 to NGN600,000 per month.
  • NGN500,000 – Port Harcourt. The pay range is between NGN500,000 to NGN600,000 per month.
  • NGN400,000 – Abuja. The pay range is between NGN350,000 to NGN500,000 per month.

3. Type of Organization or Company

The kind of establishment a person works in also leaves an impact on his salary. Marine engineers that work offshore in oil companies generally earn more than those who work as consultants with organizations that offer contract-based engineering services.

4. Level of Education

In most professions, the more feathers you have added to your hat, the bigger your paycheck. A professor with a Doctorate will not be paid the same salary as the lecturer who stopped at acquiring a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. This is because their well of knowledge is not filled to the same capacity. So it is in the world of Marine Engineering as well.

A Marine Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree is expected to earn an average salary of NGN215,000 per month. The professional who has bagged a Master’s degree, however, earns 93% more with an estimated average salary of NGN415,000 per month.

Master’s degree programs in Nigeria last for a minimum of 2 years and often cost an average of 2 million nairas to participate in. However, acquiring a Master’s degree has proven to be a worthy investment of time and money as statistics have shown that those with higher degrees are better paid. If you can afford it, it will be worth it. There are several e-learning platforms now that make it easier to run the Master’s degree program part-time alongside a full-time job.

5. Gender

Although it does not sound very realistic, the gender of the professional does affect how much a Marine Engineer in Nigeria earns. Men are reported to earn at least 16% more than women in this career. That means if a man earns NGN350,000, a female marine engineer with the same level of education and experience in a similar position in the same organization will be earning NGN294,000 instead. General statistics show that women get paid at least 7% less than their male counterparts in any career.

Does an Upward Career Growth Influence the Salary of a Marine Engineer?

Just like in every other profession, the average marine engineer is expected to see an increase in salary as he grows in his career. Professionals in this career are expected to observe an increase (of approximately 11%) in their salary every 19 months. Sadly, this profession does not attract a lot of bonuses since the role does not directly influence revenue generation. However, marine engineers who work on offshore rigs get access to several on-site benefits including the provision of free beverages, and so on.

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