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What is the Difference Between Resume and CV?

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In some instances, you might find both terms used interchangeably, but Resume and CV do not mean the same thing. There are clear differences between the two that you should know. Knowledge is power.

1. Origin

CV is an acronym for Curriculum Vitae, which is of Latin origin, meaning: Course of Life. Where Curriculum means Course, and Vitae means Life.

A Resume, on the other hand, is actually of French origin. It means Summary.

2. Definition

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an all-encompassing, detailed document, containing full career history, academic certifications, and a portfolio of projects worked on, often requested for, during job application processes.

A resume is a brief summary of skills, qualifications, and experience, represented at a glance, and sent as proof of credibility when applying for jobs.

3. Format

Curriculum Vitae places emphasis on academic certifications and achievements. Everything provided in a CV is detailed, and it rarely fits into less than 4 pages.

Resume highlights skills, experience, and accomplishments. Everything in a Resume is clear and concise in a listing format and is not more than 2 pages, but usually fits in a page.

4. Additional Sections

Curriculum Vitae gives room for additional sections, so you can include hobbies, language skills, extra-curricular activities, and publications relevant to your dream job.

Resume accommodates the inclusion of technical and soft skills developed, as well as volunteer services rendered, but not hobbies and other extra-curricular activities.

Now after outlining the differences, there are some obvious similarities that we can not ignore. Essentially;

  • They are both job application documents,
  • They both aim to give good recommendations on your ability to deliver value.
  • They are both drafted with the expected dream position in view.

If you say that your Resume was designed as a shorter, less cumbersome to go through the model of the Curriculum Vitae (CV), you may not be entirely wrong. However, where there are no specifications on which ones to set, draft and send out a resume. you’ll be done in minutes.

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