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What is Considered a Perfect Resume?

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To have achieved perfection means that you have attained the highest level of growth. Since your resume is subject to change, upgrade and optimization from time to time, it is safe to say that you will never have a perfect resume. But you can have an ideal resume that consistently attracts and commands attention. So what is an ideal resume?

A resume is a summary of all your qualifications, experience, achievements, and important personal details, well written in an easy-to-read format, presented at a glance on a sheet of paper or word document. Your resume is the first line of contact between you, and the employer for your dream job. The employer gets his first impression of you and your capabilities, from your resume. It is the deal breaker that determines your progress in a job application process.

An ideal resume ensures that you move on to the next level. It attests to your credibility. Key features a resume should have before it can be considered ideal, include;

  • A neat format that brings the qualifications and awards relevant to the job you’re currently applying for, to the limelight.
  • An appealing design with attractive yet bold and legible fonts.
  • Monochrome colors. Vibrant colors can be used to draw attention to parts of your resume you want to stand out, but very sparingly. Use muted, neutral colors of black, white, and brown.
  • Contact information; Name, phone number, email address, zip code, and so on.
  • Website link to a personal blog, or online portfolio.
  • Important keywords highlighted in the job description, are naturally incorporated into your summary.
  • A brief but compelling summary. Your summary should draw attention to any skills that you have, and how they can be relevant to your dream job.
  • Experience and statistics of goals met in passed jobs are outlined clearly.
  • At most, 10 years of experience included. Experience gained from serving in job positions for longer may be disregarded.
  • Volunteer jobs are done.
  • Soft skills developed, clearly outlined.
  • Technical skills acquired.
  • Good grammar, and be free of typographical errors.
  • Simple words, clear and without ambiguity. Your resume is not the right place for the use of idiomatic expressions

Take Home

Your resume should flaunt your intellectual prowess, however, you shouldn’t sound proud or boastful. Pay attention to the tone of your writing, keep it professional but not intimidating. As you gain new skills and experience, update your resume periodically, and proofread it each time. Keep growing, I’m cheering you on to greatness from here!

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