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What is an optometrist’s job description

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An optometrist is an individual that specializes in caring for eye or vision.  An Optometrist is expected to have post-secondary training for practitioners with a doctorate degree-level education.

A doctor of optometrist holds an O.D title, and this includes optical, medical, and the ability to perform some surgical eye care.  To become an optometrist, you must attend 4 years of medical eye-specific training, some have to do advanced learning after that.

An optometrist’s job descriptions are

An Optometrist, or Eye Doctor, is responsible for providing comprehensive vision care to patients so they can care for their eyes and access tools to support their eyesight. Their duties include conducting eye inspections, identifying signs of disease or injury, and prescribing corrective lenses.

Optometrist duties and responsibilities

Optometrists complete a variety of duties throughout the workday. A list of Optometrist duties may include:

  • Conduct routine eye exams for clients.
  • Maintain patient records.
  • Prescribe medications to treat ocular diseases and disorders.
  • Perform pre-and post-operation checks.
  • Check patients for signs of diseases and refer them to other specialists when needed.

How much does an Optometrist make in salary in Nigeria?

The average salary for an Optometrist in Nigeria is ₦1,311,822/per year
Avg. Base Salary (NGN)10% NGN 195kMEDIAN. NGN 1m90%NGN 3m

The average salary for an Optometrist is ₦1,311,822Base Salary₦195k – ₦3mBonus₦10k – ₦491kTotal Pay₦302k – ₦10m

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