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What Do Employers Want to See on Your Resume?

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When a hundred people apply for a job, best believe that the recruiter narrows it down to the top 25 with the most impressive resume. They are the ones who get return mails of ” hello XYZ, I reviewed your application and was impressed. Please send your portfolio to…” The portfolio is sent, less people make it to the interview stage, more screening is done, the rest is history.

What set the ball rolling for the chosen candidate? A killer resume.

What’s the first step to writing a killer resume? Showcase all the employer wants to see.

What do employers want to see on your resume?

We have done the research for you and gathered accurate resources to give you the answer you seek.

Here’s the inside scoop. Employers will rank you among the most eligible if your resume has:

1. A Short and Sweet Title

Start your resume with your dream job title right below your contact information. It should state clearly what role you’d like to fill in the company. This is not the place or time to be a jack of all trades. You shouldn’t start off your resume with a Social Media Strategist, Brand Promoter, and Crypto Enthusiast when the company only advertised for a Social Media Strategist. Leave it short and simple.

2. The Right Key Words

The thing is, hundreds of people had access to the application link attached to that job post. You wouldn’t painstakingly go through each application word for word, would you? Well, your dream employer certainly does not. He simply scans through the resumes for certain keywords of vital inclusion and picks the ones where they are present. Some employers even enlist the help of an applicant tracking system for this part of the process. So pay attention to the words emphasized in the job description, they are often the keywords looked out for. Weave them into your resume when writing, and you would have already met the first requirement.

3. High Profile Credentials

If you have an important certification, like a Doctorate degree, or an award in the same field as your dream job, show it off by placing it right under your name. You immediately capture the employers’ attention when he sees how much value he stands to gain by hiring you. Don’t forget to include the rest of your credentials in the Education segment.

4. Links to Your Notable Works

As a job seeker, you have to create and build a personal brand, to stay relevant. Your resume is the ideal place to show off how well you’ve done that. Include links to your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, blog website, and social media; if you have work related to your dream role on there as well. Make sure that you only share access to work that is relevant to the position you are vying for. Update these links regularly so they give the best impression always.

5. Work Experience Backed Up With Achievements

It is common knowledge that employers look out for experience in the hiring process. It is why we encourage volunteering for jobs and applying for internships. What isn’t common knowledge, however, is that they also want to see what you were able to achieve in that role, for that number of years. If you were able to grow the company’s online presence and boost sales from 5% to 25% in a month, as Social Media Strategist, include that alongside your experience.

Pro Tip

Employers want a competent candidate who would deliver value and be an asset to their brand/company. Not only do they want to see this in your resume, but they also want to see it in your work productivity, should you eventually get hired. Invest in yourself and earn bragging rights to a compelling resume; upskill till you’re the qualification standard for your dream job!

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