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Top Paying Private TV Stations In Nigeria

Top Paying Private TV Stations In Nigeria

Let’s talk about the top paying TV stations in Nigeria. Do you have aspirations to work in the Nigerian media space? Woking in a TV station could interest you. In this post, we will be talking about the top paying private TV stations in Nigeria. 

Top Paying TV Stations In Nigeria

Unknown to so many people, TV stations and media houses, in general, don’t pay fantastic salaries. Most people that work in the media sector do so based on passion and they have other alternative sources of income. Having mentioned that TV stations in Nigeria do not pay as we think, working in a TV station or media house could open amazing opportunities for those who have great networking and interpersonal relationship skills. According to a TV presenter who pleaded anonymity

“Every month, I make times 10 of my salary because the job allows me to meet the who is who in the society and I strive hard to have good relationships with all my new contacts so at the end of the day I will always get freelance gigs to cover up for the not so fantastic pay”

That said, people who work in the media, particularly TV have the opportunity to consolidate their contacts and make extra income because a TV job is flexible as it gives you room to do other things. 

Top Paying TV Stations In Nigeria

In this piece, we will take a look at the top 5 TV station that pays higher than the rest. 

Channels Television: In Nigeria, Channels Television is considered to be the most watched independent 24-hour news and information channel. The TV station’s main office is in Lagos, Nigeria. The station got its broadcasting license in 1992 after the Federal Government deregulated the broadcast media 1992 but didn’t start broadcasting until 1995. The television station claims that its main objective is to produce news and current affairs programming on local concerns in Nigeria as well as to serve as a watchdog on official policies and practices. When John and Sola Momoh founded the private television station in 1995, just 15 people were working there.

TVC (Television Continental): This is another television station that pays higher than other TV stations in Nigeria. It comes 2nd after Channels TV. TVC is a 24-hour news and entertainment station with a focus on Nigeria. On cable TV it has a dedicated channel that transmits local and international news. TVC is often referred to as “Nigerian CNN.” The station also features documentaries and current affairs programs. It views through the African Eye, just like its motto. 

Arise TV:  Arise TV is a fast-growing cable TV capable of becoming the most watched TV station in Nigeria in the next few years if the current momentum is sustained. The TV station gained prominence for the fair and unbiased coverage of the End Sars protest in 2020. The Lagos-based Nigerian television channel Arise TV airs news, current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle, documentaries, sports, and another programming. Africa is a special area of emphasis for Arise TV. The station has access to top-notch journalists. Nduka Obaigbena a Nigerian media mogul who is the publisher of ThisDay Newspapers owns it.

AIT:  AIT is an acronym for African Independent Television. The station with its headquarters in Alagbado, Lagos boasts the largest terrestrial coverage across Nigeria. It was established in 1996 by High Chief Raymond Dokpesi. Its programming features a variety of entertaining content, such as news, current affairs, documentaries, music videos, movies, drama series, soap operas, comedy shows, game shows, chat shows, children’s programs, infotainment, religious programs, cookery shows, sporting events, and more. With stations in twenty-four of the thirty-six states of Nigeria, AIT is the largest privately owned terrestrial television network there. Additionally, AIT is broadcast by satellite from its operating headquarters in Abuja. AIT is a division of Daar Communications plc and uses Dish Network to transmit to both Africa and North America.

In recent years, there have been tales of AIT workers being owed up to 12 months’ salary but one good about working with AIT despite the poor pay and irregular salaries is that it opens amazing doors and opportunities for its staff. As AIT has churned out more successful broadcasters and entertainment consultants than any other privately owned TV station in Nigeria the likes of Kenny Ogungbe, Dayo Adeneye, Ambrose Shomide, Baba Gboin, Cally Ikpe, Bisi Olatilo, Soni Irabor just to mention a few. 

Siverbird Television: Undoubtedly, the emergence of Silverbird Television in Nigeria, revolutionized the Nigerian TV industry. Silverbird TV is a brainchild of the Silverbird group. The TV station was established by Ben Murray-Bruce in the early 2000s. 

Please note that the salary structure of these TV stations is currently not available to the public but we promise to keep updating this post. 

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