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Top Paying Jobs In The Nigerian Entertainment Industry

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Over the years, the Nigerian entertainment industry has grown to the admiration of all other industries. The Nigerian entertainment industry is one industry that continues to thrive despite not getting the required funding and support from the federal government. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top-paying jobs in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

What are the top high-paying jobs in the entertainment industry?

Entertainment Lawyers:  They oversee all legal matters, just like every other attorney. Like all other industries, entertainment is a corporate body, and as such, it needs legal counsel to help with contract drafting and negotiation. They work on contracts and look for sponsorship, copyrights, trademarks, and other rights. These lawyers must have graduated from high school and attended law school, just like regular lawyers. These lawyers may work on a contract basis or a profit-sharing arrangement.

Music Publishers/Record Label Owners: These are music executives responsible for securing funding for an artist. Publishing music is one of the possible careers in the entertainment sector. They are in charge of finding songwriters for the artist, forming partnerships with other musicians, and aiding in the commercial promotion of the songs. Additionally, they sign musicians and artists to their record labels. Since there is no set path to becoming a publisher, anyone can do it. A publisher can emerge from a songwriter. Anyone with a solid understanding of business accounting and music law can pursue this career; however, having a degree or other level of education is not a prerequisite.

Licensing Representative:  One of the top entry-level positions in the entertainment sector is that of a licensing representative. The only requirement for this job is practical experience, thus those with less education can pursue this. They collaborate closely with film editors, producers, directors, etc. A professional that pitches for the use of music in movies, video games, movie trailers, advertising, etc. is known as a licensing representative.

Entertainment Journalists: They are responsible for covering all entertainment activities and events on a national and worldwide level, much like other journalists. They are experts when it comes to writing about entertainment. In addition to interviewing celebrities, doing background research, analyzing trends, and reviewing movies, events, songs, albums, and concerts, they also keep and record first-hand information about the entertainment scene.

A&R Coordinator:  One fascinating career path for those with a degree in an entertainment-related discipline is this one. They play a variety of duties, including supervising the execution of musical projects, locating fresh talent in production, writing, etc. They primarily collaborate with producers, directors, artists, and musicians. They must be actively involved in the industry in addition to possessing degrees in music, communication, and business.

Booking Agent:  They manage all events, engagements, and activities on behalf of the group, artist, or performers they are representing, particularly those that are less well-known to the general public. Before doing this, they do not need to have a formal education, but having some familiarity with the entertainment industry is a plus.

Event Promoter:  Also known as talent promoters. They organize entertainment events like concerts, movie premieres, road shows, award shows, e.t.c. To build publicity for any show, they collaborate with artists and other relevant entertainment agencies. Formal education is not always required for this role but a formal education will give you an edge.

Television Producer:  One of the professions in the entertainment sector is television producing. They handle a variety of financial and operational duties, whether it’s generating finances, creating budgets, or picking the crew and director members. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in journalism, communication, or television and film, as well as prior professional experience, are requirements. They make sure that tasks are performed by the appointed time. 

This concludes our list of the top-paying positions in the entertainment sector.

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