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Top paying entry-level jobs in Nigeria

Hub for Jobs | Find the Right Job Vacancies in Nigeria

While a lot of people might be in search of a job, some are specific in the type of job they want and this narrows their job search to their specific needs.

An entry-level job would likely be the best option for those who just started their career journey or for those who want to switch careers to an entirely new industry.

What is an entry-level job?

Entry-level jobs are jobs that require little experience and are usually low-level jobs in the organization.

Entry-level jobs are promising, it offers a chance to grow and develop in the industry where one currently is. That it is an entry-level job in Nigeria doesn’t in any way mean that the employee will always be there.

Low-level employees are usually trained by senior employees in the organization.

The employer searches for those with little experience, probably from internships, and sets them up to grow and as they climb the organizational ladder, they recruit more.

How to identify them.

It is always clearly stated in the job advert that it is an entry-level job, so those who have narrowed their job search to entry-level jobs can identify them and apply accordingly.

Top paying entry-level jobs in Nigeria.

While there are numerous entry-level paying jobs in Nigeria, there is nothing wrong with knowing those with higher pay, this could help narrow their search even more and be in a better position to land the job.

Some top-paying entry-level jobs are listed below;

1. Consulting Firms. When it comes to consulting, we have the big four which are known globally and are highly ranked. The big four include Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), KPMG, and Ernst and Young.

These are multinational consulting firms with branches scattered in different parts of the world. They all don’t have a standard measure of payment, but their standards are structured according to the country in which a particular branch exists.

Because of their high turnover, many of these firms hire graduate trainees every year. And a job at one of these consulting firms is highly sought after, as countless numbers of graduates jump at the opportunity once it opens up.

Apart from the pay these companies offer those coming in at entry-level. Successful applicants stand a chance to record a major boost in their career by working with these companies.

That is also one reason why there is always so much rush to get a job here.

A high grade, high results on the aptitude exam, and demonstrated knowledge in your profession, as well as the ability to answer interview questions, are all requirements for working in a consulting firm.

2. International Oil and Gas.  In Nigeria there are a good number of International Oil Companies also known as IOCs, they include Shell, Chevron, and Mobil. Though they have branches in Nigeria, they have their headquarters outside the country.

A lot of Nigerians dream of working in an oil company. From side talks that fly around, you could tell that those who work in oil companies are envied by many.

The envy is not vain, it is a result of the amount they earn and the lifestyle that is attributed to those who work for these organizations.

Apart from oil and gas companies being a very strong option and dream for job seekers, they offer opportunities at entry levels and the pay is considered to be good enough when compared to what some other industries are offering.

These corporations use their graduate trainee program to hire entry-level employees, and they pay them generously. Beyond the rich pay of IOC entry-level jobs, employees also stand to benefit from a lot of incentives provided by the company.

3. Finance Companies in the Capital Market. In the capital market, finance organizations provide quite generous packages to their new hires, which are frequently supplemented with significant bonuses.

The emphasis on finance companies in the capital market does not in any way mean that commercial banks do not offer good entry-level pay or opportunities, the emphasis means that finance companies offer more than what banks have to offer.

Investment/merchant banks such as Vetiva, Stanbic IBTC, or Rand Merchant Bank, as well as capital market players such as the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission, are considered as one of those here.

To be considered eligible for an opportunity to gain entry-level jobs here, one should have graduated with good grades and be well informed about the economic state of the country.

A good follow-up on emerging trends, news, and policies will help one be rightly positioned for a job in one of these companies.

4. Multinational Companies. These companies have their headquarters in foreign countries but have well-established branches in Nigeria. It is similar to IOCs but they are not into oil and gas but offer a different line of products and services.

It is not just IOCs that offer good pay and opportunities for entry-level jobs, some multinational companies have outstanding benefits also.

Some multinational companies are, Nestle FMCG, Unilever FMCG, Cadbury FMCG, PZ FMCG, Guinness FMCG, Etisalat Telecommunication, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Lafarge Cement, and many more.

The standard to get employed at entry-level in some of these multinational companies are usually very high with strong competition from other applicants.

5. Indigenous Oil and Gas Companies. Unlike international oil and gas companies, indigenous oil and gas companies are majorly oil companies owned by Nigerians and this to an extent affects the wage level.

Though the wage level differs, indigenous oil and gas companies still have a good offer for entry-level jobs. And one could as well jump at offers from indigenous companies.

Some indigenous oil and gas companies are Conoil Plc, Capital Oil Plc, Oando Plc, Tenoil Petroleum, and Energy services, among a list of others.

That they are indigenous does not mean one would not properly prepare to apply, an application should be taken seriously as it is with other companies and industries.

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