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Top Job Positions that are Well-paid over 200K Monthly in Nigeria

The cost of living in Nigeria rises higher every day. To live comfortably, you may need to combine working several jobs at the same time to earn a good income. However, there are job positions that are well-paid monthly and can afford you a luxury life. The only catch is that you need education, skill, and a certain level of experience to obtain these jobs. In this article, I will be sharing 19 such job positions with you, and what it takes to get each of them. You too can live luxuriously, the six-figure income is not only for freelancers.

List of Job Positions in Nigeria that are Guaranteed to have you earning over 200K Monthly Include:

1. Surgeons.

There are doctors, and there are surgeons. Every surgeon can be an excellent doctor, but not every doctor will make an excellent surgeon. This profession comes with high risks and is best for people who have a passion for saving lives and a keen eye for details.

 The surgeon has to perform operations on patients who need to have treatment beyond the outer surface of the skin. It is the surgeon that attends to broken bones, cancerous growths and tumors, amputation of infected body parts, and so on. The job description of a surgeon differs based on the area of specialization, a Neurosurgeon works on the brain and nerves, while a Cardiovascular surgeon works on the cardiac region. However, regardless of niche, all surgeons are paid handsomely for their expertise.

What it takes to be a Surgeon in Nigeria
  1. A university degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). You will be required to spend 6 years undergoing training in an accredited university to obtain it.
  2. One year internship (which is called Housemanship) in a reputable hospital facility. This internship must be completed within 24 months after graduation from medical school, otherwise, you will be required to sit for an assessment examination by the Medicinal and Dental Council of Nigeria).
  3. One year of National Youth Service (NYSC)
  4. Special surgical training at an accredited medical school. This training could run for five years or more, depending on the medical school and assimilation rate of the individual.

In total, the full training to become a licensed practicing surgeon takes at least 13 years. However, this is one of those professions that the years of training and sacrifice are truly worth it in the end. The average surgeon is paid NGN450,000 per month. A surgeon with years of experience and a reliable track record of successful operations may earn up to 1 million Naira or more monthly.

2. Sailors

A sailor is responsible for the navigation and administration of travel boats, tankers, ships, and other vessels used for movement on large water bodies. Sailors are also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of these vessels. They are also called Seafarers.

What it takes to become a Sailor in Nigeria
  • A certificate of Competence (COC) is issued at the end of the Basic Seaman Training Course (BST). This training can be done at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria or any other accredited maritime academy in the country.
  • Acquisition of the Seaman’s Book and transit visa.
  • A Seafarer’s Registration Certificate (SRC) issued by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

An average sailor in Nigeria is paid NGN400,000 per month. The estimated pay range is between NGN200,000 for entry-level seafarers, and NGN1,000,000 for senior-level sailors, per month.

3. Pilots

Pilots are hired to navigate airplanes, jets, helicopters, and other kinds of aircraft. This is another profession that has a high level of risk-taking because the weather up there can be unpredictable and could change mid-flight. Pilots also have to fly long distances some days without stopping to rest, unlike the train or bus driver. This profession requires a lot of expertise and a great deal of knowledge of aircraft because the safety of passengers and members of crew alike depends on the pilot’s ability. However, Pilots are heavily compensated for all the risks they encounter, and the pressure they have to deal with.

Job requirements

To become a pilot, you will need to be awarded a degree by an accredited aviation university. You will also need to undergo further training like HSE training, First aid, CPR training, and so on.

The entry-level pay for pilots in Nigeria monthly is NGN300,000, while senior-level pilots may earn up to NGN3,000,000 monthly.

4. Petroleum Engineers

What makes petroleum engineering stand out from other areas of specialization in engineering (which are also paid well) is the fact that the oil and gas sector is one of the most thriving sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Job Requirements

To practice as a petroleum engineer in Nigeria, you will need a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from an accredited university and a certificate of participation in the National Youth Service Corps. Further training will be provided by the hiring company after your recruitment.

How much a petroleum engineer earns monthly is determined by his level of experience, quality of acquired skill sets, and the net worth of the company he works for. However, the estimated pay range for a petroleum engineer in Nigeria is NGN200,000 to NGN1,000,000 per month.

5. Software Developer and Engineer

Software developers and engineers are highly sought after now because most companies are going digital and need someone to build and manage their software. The supply of experts in this field, however, is not equal to the demand. Therefore, software developers and engineers are paid handsomely for their services regardless if they practice freelancing, or apply to work with a company full-time.

Job Requirements

To become a software developer or engineer, you need to have a degree in computer science or a related course, and a solid background in tech. In-depth knowledge of coding and basic programming languages like JavaScript and C++ is essential to excel in this role.

The average software developer earns NGN450,000 per month. The pay range is between NGN250,000 and NGN1,600,000. A software developer’s income varies based on the kind of company he works for. Typically, freelance software developers and those who work with tech companies earn more.

6. Project Manager

A project manager is a professional responsible for overseeing company projects from conception to execution. Project managers who work in the oil and gas sector, telecommunication industry, and manufacturing firms enjoy a fat paycheck every month.

Job Requirements

To become an efficient project manager, you will be required to have a degree in business administration or any related course, leadership skills, quick-thinking ability, and great problem-solving skills.

The average project manager is paid NGN500,000 monthly. However, entry-level professionals who start as junior project managers are paid much less. The salary ranges from NGN200,000 to NGN800,000. Pay varies based on the kind of industry, qualification, and level of experience.

7. Tech Guy

This title covers all the technology experts: Cyber security specialists, web developers, web designers, UI/UX product designers, programmers, data scientists, data analysts, IT specialists, graphic designers, and so on. The technology industry as a whole is very lucrative right now due to the high demand for expertise and low supply of personnel. All the job positions stated above are well paid for their expertise, and depending on the company may even be paid hourly or weekly rather than monthly. Tech professionals get the best remote jobs and freelancing gigs.

Job Requirements

The tech industry prioritizes skills over qualifications and experience, however, proof of expertise and professional delivery is important to get jobs. What do you need to do to get a job in tech? Hone skill sets in data science and other tech-related fields, practice regularly, network with professionals in your niche, and don’t stop learning.

The average “tech guy” earns at least NGN200,000 monthly in Nigeria.

8. Chartered Accountant

Accountants are responsible for managing a company’s financial records and keeping track of all related transactions. Their services are not restricted to the finance and banking industry, accountants are in demand by government agencies and big organizations. A chartered accountant is an accountant who has been awarded a professional certificate and title in addition to his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting.

Job Requirements Include:

To become a chartered accountant, you will first be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Next, you will need to apply for and ace an examination set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), after which you will be offered a certificate. However, the assessment and certification process may take more than a year or two.

This is one of the top job positions that are well paid in the finance and banking industry. The average salary of a chartered accountant in Nigeria is NGN200,000 per month.

9. The Legal Profession

The legal profession is another industry that pays its professionals (lawyers, barristers, judges, and so on) handsomely. The average lawyer regardless of niche earns approximately NGN250,000 currently in Nigeria. Lawyers who have attained the level of a SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) are paid higher than their fresh-out-of-law school counterparts. Those who work as Legal Advisors to multinational companies and government parastatals also earn higher pay. Law firms place their interns on payroll and their senior staff on several allowances. Ultimately, the judge earns the highest pay in the legal profession. The average judge in Nigeria earns NGN600,000 per month. A judge’s estimated pay ranges from NGN500,000 to NGN1,600,000 monthly. The SAN and the Judge are the job positions that are the most well paid in the legal profession.

Job Requirements
  1. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Law. This degree takes five years to acquire in any accredited university in the country.
  2. One year of law school. It acts like an internship for recent law graduates.
  3. One year of mandatory participation in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

Essentially, it takes 7 years to become a licensed and practicing lawyer in Nigeria, and even longer to become a SAN or a judge. You need to first be a lawyer before you can be anything more qualified in the legal profession.

10. Asset Manager

The job of an asset manager is to manage the financial assets, stocks, and investment decisions of their clients. Asset managers are in charge of the shares and other tangible assets including landed properties. They double as stock brokers, investment bankers, and advisors (these are all job positions that are well paid) for their clients. This job position requires an in-depth knowledge of asset management and good interpersonal relations skills but does not require any special qualifications. You can become an asset manager regardless of your course of study, or previous industry of employment experience.

The average salary of an asset manager in Nigeria is NGN350,000 monthly.

Other lucrative job positions include:

  1. Pharmacist. (Average salary is NGN200,000 per month.)
  2. Banker (Average salary is NGN150,000 per month)
  3. Medical Doctor (Average salary is NGN300,000 per month, pay varies based on the area of specialization and level of experience.)
  4. Telecommunications Engineer (Average salary is NGN200,000 per month.)
  5. Medical Sales Representative (Average salary is NGN250,000 currently in Nigeria, per month.
  6. Psychologist/Therapist (Average salary is NGN400,000 per month).
  7. Digital Marketer (Average earning of a digital marketer is NGN350,000 per month).
  8. Affiliate Marketer (Average earning of an affiliate marketer in a month from commissions, is NGN400,000)
  9. Social Media Manager(Average salary is NGN300,000 per month)

Any job role can be lucrative, it all depends on the level of commitment and diligence you give to it. However, these are the top 19 job positions in Nigeria that are well paid. They stand out because of their skills and qualifications. I hope you get value from this article.

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