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Top IT Skills That Will Make You Stand Out In The Nigeria Job Market

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We all know that IT has become a gold mine for professionals that has in-demand IT skills in our present-day world. Let’s take a critical look at the top IT skills that will make you stand out in the Nigeria Job Market. 

Top IT Skills That Will Make You Stand Out In The Nigeria Job Market

Cybersecurity: As you probably already know, organizations can lose tons of money and their public image completely battered as a result of data breaches hence, businesses want qualified IT professionals to safeguard them against hackers, viruses, phishing, and ransomware because cybercrime is on the rise. Engineers in cyber security help with this. Because every business needs to protect its data and maintain an online presence, this IT skill is in high demand. If you appreciate protecting the globe against dishonest hackers, this may be the field for you! Learn more about Cyber security. CLICK HERE

Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR): After recent record sales, this industry has already crossed 30.7 billion dollars. Approximately 2.2 million AR and VR headsets were shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2021. There are numerous prospects for those with strong technical skills in this fast-paced industry. Aside from video games, other industries are starting to adopt AR and VR, including education, healthcare, and advertising. Each of these explains why AR/VR skills can immensely help you stand out in the very competitive Nigerian labor market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Currently, this field lacks human power as the skilled professionals available in the field of artificial intelligence do not match with current demand for AI experts. Hence updating your skills in this direction could lead to a lucrative profession in this field that won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

Network Administrator: If you have extensive knowledge about LAN/WAN protocols, software, and hardware, you can work as a network administrator for a corporation or multinational. This is a high-demand IT skill and the pay is excellent. To stand out as a network administrator, you need a CCNA or CCNP certification. 

Product Management: You will be involved from a product’s inception to its conclusion as a product manager. To make sure everyone reaches their deadlines, it is your responsibility as the team leader to monitor your team’s workflow. A successful career in this profession necessitates both IT expertise and the capacity to reconcile business objectives with consumer expectations. Product managers are crucial on both the internal and external sides, covering more than just technical aspects. If you enjoy thinking creatively and coming up with win-win solutions, a job in this industry might be the perfect fit for you! To learn more about product management, CLICK HERE

Cloud Computing:  In the upcoming years, more users are anticipated to use cloud computing, which will grow this industry. One of the newest players in the market is Amazon Web Services, and if Amazon is successful, others will surely follow! If you have the necessary talents, you might be able to get yourself a well-paying job as a cloud computing expert. Numerous advantages, including increased security and cheaper costs, are provided by cloud solutions. With the right skills, getting a dream job as a cloud computing expert is a reality.

Data Science:  Data scientists employ machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling to handle and evaluate the massive amounts of data that businesses acquire. In the future, businesses will be able to make wiser judgments as a result of the impacts of data science and analytics. A recent survey predicts that the most in-demand profession in 2022 will be data scientists! which actually is. You should have strong math skills in addition to strong IT skills because you will be working with a lot of data.  According to LinkedIn, this industry has risen by 34% during the last four years.

Software Development: The importance of technology in our lives is increasing, and so has the rate of software development. According to Stack Overflow, developers typically learn a new technology every year, making this profession ideal for those who are flexible. Being ahead of the curve is a desirable approach in an unstable employment market because doing so reduces the risk of losing a job to automation, which is occurring in software testing jobs. Software engineers need to be proficient in a variety of technical areas, including SQL, Python, Java, and others.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis: The most important aspect of a business is its revenue, which is why BI developers are required. These digital experts assist businesses in transforming their growth from average to rapid by utilizing innovative visualizations, dashboards, and data integration. Companies all over the world are looking for employees with these top IT talents to help them improve performance and outperform the competition. If you enjoy communicating and data analysis, this may be the career for you!

UI/UX: According to recent research findings, over the following ten years, there will be a 14.9% increase in UI/UX job growth. The majority of businesses today understand how critical it is to improve customer engagement to sustain success. To do this, they need their UI/UX teams to be comprised of personnel with the best technical expertise. Undoubtedly, this industry will eventually become more automated in some areas. But human interaction will still be necessary for the main experience. Since this industry is expected to be in demand for the foreseeable future, many businesses are willing to pay the top price for talented people in this field.

DevOps Engineering: You must integrate software development and IT operations in this position with a focus on continuous software quality delivery if you want to succeed. To ensure that all codes are released and deployed properly, collaboration with software developers, system administrators, and practically every other member of the IT team is necessary. For this position, you must have the following IT skills: coding, scripting, Linux, UNIX, Git, Jenkins, and effective communication. Additionally, this is a solid career that pays well, so it’s definitely worth the extra work!

Mobile Applications Development: More and more people are relying on mobile apps every day, and their usage of them is rising everywhere. Due to the industry’s rapid expansion, Many businesses are investing in applications, and they want developers with strong technical abilities in other to be competitive.

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