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Top 10 Jobs In Lagos That Pays Top Salary

Top 10 Jobs In Lagos That Pays Top Salary

Everyone in Lagos wants to have a high-paying job but it is good to know what the top-paying jobs paying jobs in Lagos are. This post will talk about the top jobs in Lagos that pays a top salary. For those in Lagos wondering how can i find a job near me, well, we can authoritatively tell you that top paying jobs near you abounds in Lagos.

Why Do You Need To Earn A Top Salary In Lagos?

Lagos is a metropolitan city that comes with a high cost of living. As a person working in Lagos or who wishes to get a job in Lagos, you should have the top-paying jobs in mind. This is because there are some places you cannot live in Lagos if you are not earning well enough. Also, there are some lifestyles you can afford in Lagos if you are not well paid.

Top 10 Jobs In Lagos That Pay Top Salary


Because of the crucial nature of their work, surgeons are among the highest-paid professionals in Lagos. 

A surgeon’s job has a high level of danger and necessitates vast knowledge and a long learning curve, both of which are prerequisites for a high-paying career.

A surgeon or doctor working in Lagos earns between 705,000 Naira to 1,970,000 Naira monthly.


Due to the enormous duties that come with the position of a judge, they are paid well. Choosing people’s future is a difficult undertaking, and the high pay is entirely warranted. Judges in Lagos are always busy they have a lot on their table. Hence they are well paid and one of the top earners in Lagos.

In Lagos, a judge earns between 593,000 Naita to 1,660,000 Naira monthly.


Lagos lawyers are well paid. Lawyers’ high perceived value in the eyes of their clients is the primary basis for their high pay. 

A good lawyer can save/earn you a lot of money or perhaps keep you from facing the death penalty.

Lagos lawyers earn between 480,000 Naira to 1,340,000 Naira. Some even earn more than that. Lagos provides lawyers with a handful of opportunities.

Bank Managers

Being in control of hundreds of millions of funds and investments in Nigeria’s commercial capital, along with all the hazards that come with it, makes managing a bank an incredibly important job that deserves a high compensation.

Bank manager jobs in Lagos pay between 451,000 Naira to 1,260,000 Naira.

Chief Executive Officers

CEOs are primarily accountable for an organization’s success or failure. The enormous extent of their impact, as well as the hazards involved, account for their large salary.

CEO’s in Lagos doubles as Lagos big boys. The income of a Lagos-based CEO is between 423,000 Naira to 1,180,000 Naira.

Chief Financial Officers

Any career that involves handling money is considered high-paying. Budgets, spending, costs, and revenue are all managed by CFOs, and they have a direct impact on the organization’s operations.

Chief financial officers working in Lagos earn between 395,000 Naira to 1,100,000 Naira monthly.


You can’t talk about high-paying jobs in Lagos without mentioning Orthodontists. Although so many people don’t know this. Orthodontists work in a sector where consumers are prepared to pay a high price for a service, making them one of the highest-paying jobs. 

The salary of an Orthodontist in Lagos is in the range of 381,000 Naira to 1,070,000 Naira. Exclusive of other benefits.


Lagos is a city where knowledge and know-how thrive. Professors at colleges and universities in Lagos are among the highest-paid and it is also among the most prestigious professions in the city of Lagos. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a professor, which is one of the reasons they make so much money. Most professors in Lagos do part-time jobs as consultants which increases their chances of making more money.

The salary range of a professor working full-time in Lagos is around 339,000 Naira to 947,000 Naira.

Pilot Jobs In Lagos

Even though pilots go through difficult training programs and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day, they are probably the only occupation on the list that involves some level of thrill. Working as a pilot job in Lagos can be financially rewarding.

Pilots earn between 282,000 Naira to 789,000 Naira as monthly salary working in Lagos.

Marketing Director Jobs In Lagos

Lagos is a beehive of commercial activity hence a marketing director in Lagos that knows his or her onion is among the best-paid professionals in Lagos. 

Marketing Directors are in charge of growing their companies’ income. They are directly accountable for creating revenue and are well compensated as a result.

In Lagos, Marketing Directors earn between 254,000 Naira to 710,000 Naira monthly. 


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