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Tips To Get Hired Fast

Hub for Jobs | Find the Right Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Are you hunting for a new job? Sometimes getting a new job could be very frustrating but have it at the back of your mind that getting hired for a new role takes a lot of effort. While some people find it easy to switch jobs, some are stuck to their current jobs despite so many attempts to get a new one. 

In this post, we will be walking you through proven methods that can help you quickly get hired. Keep reading, we got it all covered. 

Tips To Get Hired Fast

Here are tips that can help you get hired fast

  1. Apply for jobs that are a good fit for your skills

We understand that you can be easily lured into applying to many places at the same time hoping to get a positive nod from one. While this is not a bad idea, you need to consider if the role you are applying for is a good match with your skillset. Your skillset and what you bring to the table is a major determinant of you being quickly getting hired. 

However, it can be disappointing when after applying for as many openings as possible you find it very hard to secure one because your skill set does not really match the jobs you applied for. Obviously, you are more suited for different positions and not the ones you applied for. 

We strongly recommend that you identify jobs that align with your skillset and go all out for them. It will save you so many troubles. If you take the time to find the top jobs that most closely match your qualifications, you are more likely to see results.

2 . Leverage the power of your personal network and connections

The immense value of your personal relationship with people cannot be over-emphasized. Smart people build a network of relevant people as you can’t really tell where your next job will come from. Build strong relationships and network massively as it could help you quickly get hired. 

 Be open-minded, try as much as possible to discuss your job hunting adventure with people in your network. Make professional connections outside your current workplace.  

3. Be Ready To Take up Entry Positions

The job market is very competitive. Most times to quickly get a job, you may need to compromise with a job regardless of your qualifications and experience even though it’s not what you truly deserve. 

See it as a way to work towards what you really want.  

4 Engage the services of a recruitment agency

A legitimate recruitment agency can help you quickly find jobs that fit your skillset. However, you need to watch out for scams. You will need to engage a tested and trusted recruitment agency.

5 Write an appealing cover letter

A well-written and detailed cover letter can help you quickly get hired as it will help you stand out and get noticed as a top candidate for the position you are applying for. 

We strongly recommend that you make your letter organized, engaging, and well detailed. Let your cover letter speak volumes about why you are the best candidate for the role. Do not forget to state your skills and reasons you want to work for the company.

6 Be ready to accept temporary or part-time jobs

This has proven to be one of the quickest ways to get hired. Consider taking a position that is temporary or part-time until you can find more permanent employment or a full-time job. At least it will keep you engaged while you build valuable experience. 

Some employers just need temporary help that can end up turning into full-time positions if you are able to prove yourself. 

Organizations use temporary employment to try out a job candidate before hiring them full-time.


Apply for jobs that match your qualifications. Make the most of your personal relationships and network. Some people refuse to leave their current jobs despite numerous attempts. It can be discouraging if, after applying for as many positions as possible, you find it difficult to land one. Build great contacts and expand your network to help you get employed swiftly. Consider taking a temporary or part-time job until you can secure a more permanent or full-time position. Compose a compelling cover letter to show why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

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