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Tips For Video Interview

Along with these new interview methods comes a completely new skill set to master. This post covers tips on a video interview.

Employee recruitment is embracing the revolution brought on by the advent of the digital age. To reach more talented and suitably qualified job seekers, top businesses are now including video interviews in their recruitment process. Along with these new interview methods comes a completely new skill set to master. This post covers tips on a video interview.

Although most employers still prefer to meet candidates in person at some point, initial interviews or internship interviews frequently take place online many thanks to the global acceptance of video conferencing platforms like zoom, google meet amongst others. 

It pays to master all these tips we will share because you’re nearly certain to have a video interview at some time in your career. 

What is a video interview?

The majority of video interviews take place over Skype, zoom, google meet e.t.c and have the same structure as traditional interviews (or a similar application). You will you be requested to share a video of yourself live in a video call responding to questions during the interview 

You might be wondering why all the fuss right now; after all, if it’s just a regular interview conducted via Skype, you should respond to the questions as best you can. And it’s accurate. You ought to. But there’s much more to it than just responding to the questions, just as with any other interview.We are all aware of how important looks and attitude are to success. This is even more pronounced in video interviews. 

You need to show yourself well on the computer screen in addition to dressing the part and acting the part. Finding the ideal picture, sound, and angles to best showcase oneself is critical in a video interview.

Tips For Video Interview

Use a professional screen name

Change your Skype name if it’s casual, or create a new account. Just your first name or initials, last name, and (if required) a number; nothing fancy. You typically only need to enter your name or email address if the call is being made using web conferencing software before you start. Avert typos pls!

Project a confident tone and body language

Until you record yourself speaking and analyzing the findings, you can never really tell how you come across on camera. This provides you with a chance to practice and exposes any bad behaviors. Practice those particular questions if you are aware of them. Directly address the camera with your response, observe the outcome, and make any required adjustments moving forward.

Dress professionally

Just as with a traditional interview, dress appropriately for a video interview. Under the desk, you are free to don your tracksuit bottoms, but otherwise, you should dress professionally.

Choose the right location

Choose a location with a plain, unadorned wall, if at all possible. Nothing that can divert the viewer should be present. If you use your own house, keep all personal information private, even the type of TV you have.

Avoid interruptions from your end

Select a peaceful location and request that your family or housemates excuse you during the duration of the interview. Your phone should be on mute.

Show a clear image of your face 

Test your webcam after setting it up. Describe the lights. Your face has to be well-lit, yet direct light may make you appear ghostly if you have light skin. You might need to bring in a few lamps so you can light yourself from different directions. Try new things till the webcam image is perfect. Wash your face before the interview because oily skin can glow on camera. If you apply makeup, keep it natural and straightforward.

Get a well-balanced shot of your head and upper body

If possible, position yourself to appear as a newsreader. A portion of your desk should be visible to the interviewer at the bottom of the picture. You should almost reach the top with your head.They can see your hands because of this. Even though you can’t instant message a friend for assistance with challenging questions or constantly go over your notes, you shouldn’t be doing either of those things. Taking notes on a pad in front of you is OK.

Make eye contact

You need to gaze directly into your webcam to make flawless eye contact through video. To correctly reply to your interviewer in a live video interview, you must, in practice, look at their face on the screen. Resize the window and place it as close to your webcam as you can for the best of both worlds. You can gaze directly into the camera during pre-recorded interview questions, but you should try it out first to see how it comes across so you don’t wind up giving a weird stare. Set up an image of someone standing directly behind the webcam and converse with that person if you simply can’t stop widening your eyes wide and appearing wooden.

Avoid any possible technical hitches

The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is, “Sorry, I just can’t get the camera working!” To prevent the kind of embarrassment that may knock you off balance, test your devices beforehand. If at all feasible, practice using the interview application; if it’s a Skype interview, arrange a chat with a friend. 

If the call is made using the company’s web conferencing software, it will be more difficult to accomplish this; you will just need to cross your fingers and make sure your camera and microphone function in other programs. It’s also essential to have a strong internet connection. If your broadband has a poor day, plan a backup location at a friend’s house. It can be worthwhile to spend money on an additional microphone if the laptop’s built-in microphone doesn’t provide acceptable sounds. Again, test the setup in advance of the interview so that you have time to adjust it if required.


Although it may seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that you are developing a really useful talent. With time, videoconferencing will become more and more common. You might give a crucial presentation to your CEO over the internet in ten years, and you’ll be extremely glad you knew how to set up the lighting.

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