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Tips For Phone Interview

Tips For Phone Interview

The process of getting a new job almost always involves interviews. You will probably have an interview at some time, whether it be via a phone, video, or face-to-face interview, regardless of the industry in which you are trying to work. Here are tips for a phone interview

Here are tips for face-to-face, phone, and video interviews.

Phone interviews

The initial interaction you have with a potential employer is typically over the phone (call or chat). Discover below what to do and what not to do while on the phone for the first time with your prospective employer.

Knowing how to handle telephone interviews is crucial because they are frequently a crucial step in the application process for an internship or graduate program. Here are seven suggestions to help you succeed with yours.

Dress smartly

Although it may sound unusual, it’s crucial to adopt a character before an interview. One of the best methods to get in the appropriate frame of mind can be to dress professionally, whether it is face-to-face, on video, or over the phone. 

Dress as though you already work there when meeting potential employers. Put on a shirt or a smart dress and you’ll discover it’s a lot easier to reply as you need to. It can be difficult to think clearly and professionally if you’re curled up on your bed in your pajamas.

Stand up and smile

One efficient approach to effectively convey energy and passion over the phone is to stand up and move about. Try standing in a confident position for two minutes; you’ll find that your body is remarkably good at fooling your mind. The same is true for smiling; it might genuinely make you feel better.

Adjust your posture to the phone character you wish to convey. 

You can direct more of your energy into speaking, which keeps your responses lively and new. You also sound much crisper when you are standing erect than when you are stooped. 

Similar to this, smiling when you speak will add warmth to your speech and enable you to interact with the interviewer more.

Prepare Ahead

Make sure you have prepared your responses to crucial competency and motivational questions like “Why do you want to work here?” and “Tell me about a time you have worked in a team,” just as you would for a face-to-face interview. 

Making some notes that you can return to later on during the phone interview can also be helpful, but avoid reading your responses aloud because this will make your voice sound robotic.

In light of this, be prepared to answer the phone at 10:30 on a Wednesday by getting up early, knowing who is calling, and doing your homework. If not, it suggests that you lack organizational skills and are unconcerned with the job application process.

Have all you need for the interview

If you’re being interviewed, you may have already provided your resume; make sure it’s available because it’s likely they will consult it. Similar to this, make a note of any facts about the employer or the job that you fear you might forget.

Be concise

Typically, phone interviews are more condensed than in-person ones. This implies that the time you have to have an impact can be limited. You don’t want to ramble on when asked about your teamwork skills, so practice your responses to possible open-ended questions.

Don’t Google it…

Don’t try to get out of answering a question you don’t know by doing a fast Google search. This will keep you from directly responding to the response and is typically very evident (“errrrr…..” quiet… followed by a fast typing sound followed by “Yes, well as a prominent asset management organization serving enterprises throughout the international stage….”). 

Instead, try to work around the issue or ask a clarifying question to try to assist you to get to the solution if you are unsure, just like in a face-to-face interview.

Make sure you are in a good location for the interview

Interviews over the phone are typically scheduled in advance. 

Therefore, there is no justification for being in a space with a poor phone connection or a lot of ambient noise. 

Make sure you are at a quiet place, where you can speak without interruptions, and where there is no chance of bad phone reception. 

Coffee shops can seem like a nice idea, but one of the noisiest combos is espresso machines, babies, and teenagers. 

If you do these things incorrectly, the interviewer won’t have the best initial impression of you and you run the danger of losing their attention on the phone.

Don’t forget these:

It’s still an interview

A telephone interview is frequently accompanied by the notion that it will be “casual.” 

Even if this might be the case, it does not imply you should start speaking in slang and colloquialisms like you’re having a conversation with your best friend.

The truth is that making a phone call is a terrific technique to quickly distinguish between genuine candidates and imposters.

It starts as soon as you pick up the phone

Let’s say you come across a potential opportunity and decide to contact the company to learn more. Even though it’s just a hypothetical phone call, keep in mind that first impressions matter. 

Make sure you have thoroughly studied the job description so that, if necessary, you may be moved to the appropriate individual.

Additionally, be respectful to everyone you speak with in the same manner as you would the interviewer. 

One careless remark or an overtly haughty attitude is all it takes to ruin your chances before they ever get off the ground.

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