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Teaching Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

Teaching Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

An expert who works with pupils to make sure they understand the material during class is known as a teacher assistant. In addition to supervising pupils during the class, they play activities at lunch or at recess to reinforce the lessons. Have you been applying for teaching assistant jobs? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for a teaching assistant job. 

Teaching Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

Why do you think you’re qualified to be a teaching assistant?

An applicant for a teaching assistant position must be able to get along with both their direct superiors and the students they would be working with. This inquiry probes candidates to consider their motivations for applying for the post of teaching assistant as well as their strengths.

Suitable Answer: I previously worked at an after-school program for primary students. As I worked there, I realized I enjoyed working with young kids. I believe that as a teaching assistant I’ll have the ability to play a more hands-on role in a child’s day-to-day learning and transfer some of my enthusiasm for learning to my students, making school a more enjoyable experience for them 

In your opinion, what is the role of a teaching assistant in a classroom?

A candidate should explain what function they think a teaching assistant performs daily in the classroom. This question makes sure that candidates are aware of the duties and obligations of a teaching assistant.

Suitable Answer: The role of the teaching assistant is crucial because it enables the instructor to focus entirely on providing the students with the best training, care, and help possible. As a teaching assistant, I would take care of the more time-consuming duties like document grading, test supervision, and documentation organization so the teacher could focus on the more important activities like instructing and making sure students are understanding the material.

What would you do if a small group of kids kept interrupting the class by laughing, talking, and passing notes while teaching is ongoing?

There may be occasions when the teaching assistant has to deal with behavioral issues or penalize a pupil. This query reveals whether candidates are competent to manage a challenging scenario on their own.

Suitable Answer: I would adhere to whatever disciplinary measures that the teacher and I had previously decided upon if kids were disrupting the class or didn’t seem to be paying attention. The majority of the time, this entails putting the troublemakers on different sides of the classroom. By keeping them apart, they can still participate in the learning environment without interfering with the other students.

Does it matter if kids find school fun and enjoyable?

There is no right or incorrect response to the query. The objective is to determine the applicant’s capacity for critical thought on the issue of education and teaching and for providing a well-informed opinion on the matter.

Suitable Answer: While not required, I think having fun is an important part of making children excited about learning. If the students are excited to come to school each day, it makes teaching them easier and, I feel, makes them more likely to engage in the classroom and retain the information being taught.

How would you react if the teacher did something you vehemently disagreed with?

Conflict will occasionally arise since teaching assistants must engage with numerous people throughout the day. The purpose of this question is to see whether candidates know how to handle disagreements with their immediate supervisor while still being able to voice their concerns.

Suitable Answer: If the teacher and I were to disagree, I would bear in mind that it is their class, so they have the authority and the last word. With that said, If I were passionate about a topic, I would schedule a time to speak with them either before or after class and argue my position respectfully and clearly.

Tell us about a moment when you successfully persuaded a student to finish a task they first refused to perform.

Teaching assistants must be able to deal with children who resist doing their work. By answering this question, candidates can show that they can cooperate with uncooperative students.

Suitable Answer: In my last position at the after-school program, we regularly completed various arts and crafts projects. In one case, there was an origami project one child was struggling to complete, and she announced, rather loudly, that the project was stupid and she wasn’t going to finish it. Instead of being frustrated with the child, I picked up the pieces, sat her down, and explained we could complete the project together. Walking her through it, we completed the project and she couldn’t have been more proud of herself.

What would you do to a student sleeping at their desk?

In addition to helping the main instructor keep the class on target and focused on the lesson, teaching assistants are in charge of helping with behavior management. Candidates can demonstrate empathy, tact, and problem-solving abilities by responding to this question, which covers a typical classroom issue that teaching assistants will probably have to address.

Suitable Answer: If I noticed a student sleeping, I would first walk around the classroom and gently tap on their desk or put a hand on their shoulder to allow them to wake up and re-focus without distracting the rest of the class by calling them out by name. After class or during the next available break, I would pull the student aside privately and make sure they were getting enough rest at home and had access to breakfast and snacks, two common reasons a student may be sleepy at their desk. If the student was simply bored, I would talk to them about the importance of showing respect to their teacher by listening and giving them tips for staying alerts, such as writing down questions and notes. I would also encourage the lead teacher to use more call-and-response in their lesson to keep them engaged.

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