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Salary Structure Of The Nigerian Army

Salary Structure Of The Nigerian Army

Are you interested in Nigerian Army jobs? If you wish to serve your country in the Nigerian army, this post is for you as it talks about the salary structure of the Nigerian army. You can work for the Nigerian Army either as a commissioned officer or a non-commissioned officer. Also, the Nigerian army offers graduate jobs but you either have to attend the Nigerian Defence Academy where you will choose a course to study or you apply for the direct short service.

Brief History Of The Nigerian Army

There were 18,000 indigenous soldiers and officers in the Nigerian army at the time of independence. These officers received shilling-based compensation. The number did not greatly increase to 126,000 until the middle of 1970. These military soldiers received British Pound wages. They divided these officers into three sections as a result. 

More physically fit individuals joined the army as a result of the Nigerian civil war, which is what caused the increase in numbers. Due to the turmoil that engulfed Nigeria at the time, the supreme military council could not determine the pay structure for the officers of the Nigerian Army. Obasanjo’s reorganization led to higher salaries because the division’s logistics were enhanced. As they used offensive strategies to defeat the Biafran army, this development signaled the conclusion of the civil war. The Nigerian Army has contributed significantly to the security of the nation, hence they may be deserving of generous and envied salaries.

Contrary to popular opinion, Nigerian soldiers do not receive a large monthly payment. Instead, we have been able to come up with how much each soldier in the Nigerian army is paid each month, according to their rank. A Nigerian soldier is compensated based on their rank and number of years of service. The primary duty of the Nigerian Army is to defend the country from external assault.

However, the majority of soldiers can conduct a bit more than the fundamental defensive actions. They support the interests of their government, residents, and their nation. The Nigerian army is the largest military formation in West Africa.

Salary Structure Of The Nigerian Army

Below is the salary structure for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian army:

A Private Soldier earns between 48,000 Naira to 49,000 Naira monthly

A Lance Corporal earns between 54,000 Naira to 55,000 Naira per month. 

An army Corporal earns 58,000 Naira as a monthly salary

A Sergeant with the Nigerian army earns 63,000 Naira monthly. 

Staff Sergeant earns 68,000 Naira per month

The salary of a Warrant Officer is 80,000 Naira while that of a Master Warrant Officer is 90,000 Naira. 

The salary structure of commissioned officers in the Nigerian army:

 A Second Lieutenant earns 120,000 Naira per month

Lieutenant earns 180,000 Naira per month as a salary

A Captain in the Nigerian army earns 220,000 Naira monthly

Major earns 300,000 Naira monthly

A Lt. Colonel earns 350,000 Naira per month 

An army Colonel in Nigeria earns 550,000 Naira per month.

The salary of a Brigadier General is 750,000 Naira. 

 A Major General in Nigeria goes home with a basic salary of 950,000 Naira per month 

A Lt. General in Nigeria earns 1 Million Naira monthly. 

The rank of a General is the highest in the Nigerian Army. An army General in Nigeria earns 1.5 million Naira per month excluding other allowances and benefits.

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