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Salary Structure Of NDLEA Jobs

Salary Structure Of NDLEA Jobs

If you are interested in NDLEA jobs this post is for you as we will be taking a look at the entry-level salary structure for NDLEA officials. The motive of this article is to enable our esteemed readers wich you happen to be one have a general understanding of the NDLEA’s pay scale and ranks. This post covers NDLEA ranks and the monthly salaries of their officials. Before we proceed let’s take a look at what NDLEA is all about. 

What Is The Full Meaning Of NDLEA

NDLEA is an acronym for National drug law enforcement agency. They work hand in hand with security operatives to crack down on illicit drug trades.

Brief Details About NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a federal government agency tasked with stopping the production, distribution, sale, export, and trafficking of dangerous narcotics. International airports, seaports, and border crossings all have the NDLEA officials. NDLEA work to stop the illegal trading of hard drugs by targeting the heads of organizations involved in drug trafficking.

The agency established by Decree #48 of January 1990 was tasked with, among other things, exterminating cannabis plants and apprehending the top members of Nigerian drug trafficking gangs.

Core Duties Of NDLEA

The National drug law enforcement is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Utilizing every tool at its disposal to completely eradicate all illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychoactive chemicals. 
  • Ensure a decrease in demand for illicit drugs and other substances.
  • Recover all ill-gotten gains derived from unlawful drug trade profits.
  • Protect, bolster, and uphold Nigeria’s and the Nigerian people’s reputation both at home and abroad.
  • When necessary, make arrests and hand over narcotics dealers to the police.

Salary Structure Of NDLEA Jobs

Grade levels and steps used in the NDLEA salary structure are used to distinguish officers and to assist keep things under control. The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure governs the agency’s pay because it is a paramilitary organization (CONPASS). The NDLEA compensation structure, on the other hand, differentiates officers at the same level based on grade level and stages. Despite being a paramilitary organization, the NDLEA pays its employees according to the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS). The Officer’s level of education also affects determines how much each officer is being paid. 

HND holders, however, are put on Level 7, whereas degree graduates are put on Level 8.The Consolidated Para-Military Compensation Structure is used to determine staff remuneration under the NDLEA salary structure, which is exclusively based on staff ranking (CONPASS)

University Graduates at NDLEA, however, are paid around 888,956 Naira annually for Grade Level 8 Step 1. before statutory deductions. This rounds up to around 74,000 Naira per month. Grade Level 8 Step 2 employees earn approximately 900,071 annually before statutory deductions. That is almost N75,000 per month. Grade Level 7 Step 1 is assigned to HND holders in the agency, and their annual salary is around 483,353 Naira before statutory deductions.

Additionally, there are some allowances accumulated for NDLEA employees and they are paid following their rank and position within the organization. As a result, the average entry-level total salary for university graduates is determined as follows:

CONPASS + Rent Allowance equals Level 8 step 1

888,956 Naira + 115,849 Naira = ₦1,004,805 (total annual salary) which stands at 83,733 Naira monthly

The average entry-level total salary for HND holders is determined as follows:

Level 7 step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance

483,014 Naira + 92,273.9 Naira = 573,287 Naira (total annual salary) which stands at 44,773 Naira monthly. 

You can submit an application using the official NDLEA recruitment portal if you want to join the organization. CLICK HERE

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