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Salary Structure Of MTN Nigeria

Salary Structure Of MTN Nigeria

For those interested in telecom jobs in Nigeria, we can categorically tell you that MTN is a fantastic place to work. This is because MTN jobs pay good salaries. An entry-level job at MTN is a great way to start your career irregardless of your discipline. In this post, we will be strictly taking a look at the salary structure of MTN Nigeria.

Brief Details About MTN Nigeria

MTN Group is undoubtedly a leading cellular telecommunications provider in Africa. MTN Nigeria is a subsidiary of the MTN Group. Following the well-praised Nigerian GSM auction held by the Nigerian Communications Commission, MTN made history on May 16 by making the first GSM call. After that, the corporation started running full-fledged businesses, starting in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

In January 2001, MTN paid $285 million for one of Nigeria’s four GSM licenses. Over US$1.8 billion has been spent so far on developing Nigeria’s mobile communications infrastructure. Since its August 2001 start, MTN has progressively expanded its service footprint throughout Nigeria. It presently offers services across the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, in 223 cities and towns, more than 10,000 villages and communities, and an increasing number of highways. Many of these towns and villages are now being given their first-ever access to the world of telecoms.

The 3,400 Kilometre YellowBahn, the company’s digital microwave transmission backbone, is thought to be the largest digital microwave transmission infrastructure in all of Africa. It was inaugurated by President Olusegun Obasanjo in January 2003. On the MTN network, the Y’elloBahn has greatly improved call quality. The company’s key brand values—leadership, partnership, integrity, innovation, and “can-do”—are its lifeblood. It takes pride in its capacity to make possibilities and connections amongst people that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The overarching goal of MTN is to act as a catalyst for Nigeria’s economic growth and development, assisting in the realization of Nigeria’s considerable developmental potential not only by offering top-notch communications services but also by implementing creative and long-lasting CSR activities.

Salary Structure Of MTN Contract Staff

At MTN Nigeria, contract staff earns between N60,000 and N80,000 per month. Call center agents, customer service representatives, power system specialists, and other roles are among those that are open to contract employees.

 MTN Entry Level / Graduate Trainee Salary Structure

The MTN Graduate Development Program is ideal for fresh graduates to begin their careers. Their graduate trainee program introduces the whole telecommunications sector to recruits.

The salary range for fresh graduates and entry-level staff at MTN Nigeria is between 80,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira.

 As your climb the ladder working with MTN, your salary also increases. 

MTN Engineer Salary Structure

MTN Nigeria engineers earn 400,000 Naira every month. However, engineers with years of experience receive more money.

The following roles fall into this category: 

  • Computer engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Application support engineers
  • Data services engineers
  • Planning specialists

Salary Structure Of MTN Nigeria Managers

At MTN Nigeria, managers earn the highest salaries. An MTN manager typically earns between 700,000 Naira to 800,000 Naira per month. They are responsible for the company’s overall management. They are the company’s decision-makers. All departments and units have managers.

PLEASE NOTE: This post will be updated regularly as soon as we can provide an accurate salary range for more roles at MTN Nigeria

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