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Salary Structure Of FRSC Jobs

Salary Structure Of FRSC Jobs

FRSC jobs is another government job most job seekers are always on the lookout for as they provide job opportunities for graduates. For those who wish to work with the FRSC, this post will give you insights on all that the job entails as well as the salary structure of FRSC jobs. Before we proceed let’s learn more about FRSC as a government agency. Their core duties, history, and many more…

Details About FRSC

FRSC is an acronym for The Federal Road Safety Corps. One of its major duties is regulating the highway for drivers and other road users to prevent collisions.In February of 1988 through Decree No. 45 of 1988, as amended, The Federal Government established the Federal Road Safety Commission.The majority of people who wish to pursue a job inside the FRSC would like to know whether the organization offers competitive compensation or what its pay structure is.

Please bear in mind that the FRSC compensate its officers following their ranks and levels, much like the Nigerian Navy, Army, Air Force, and Police do. A level six FRSC officer would make different money than a level eight officer.

FRSC duties include:

  • Making the highway safe for motorists and other road users.
  • Recommending works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways.
  • Educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway.

FRSC Salary Structure

As we earlier stated, FRSC officers are paid based on their ranks and years of service. Below is the salary structure of FRSC officers based on ranks. 

A chief Inspector (CI) earns an annual salary of 1,405,449 Naira excluding allowances. 

Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) earns 1,325,234 Naira annually

Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) earns 1,252,038 Naira annually

Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) earns 1,143,539 Naira annually

Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) earns 1,058,416 Naira annually

A Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) earns 777,876 Naira per year

Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) earns 548,387 Naira per year

Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) earns 393,442 Naira per year

Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) earns 966,761 Naira per year

Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) earns 539,048 Naira annually

Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) earns 387,428 Naira per year

Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) earns 349,589 Naira per year

Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) earns 319,741 Naira per year

Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) earns 305,576 annually.

Asides from basic salary, staff of the FRSC also enjoy the same benefits as any other federal worker. These benefits include:

Health Care Insurance: 

Members enjoy health care insurance provided by various government-approved HMOs. This helps officers to be properly insured against any unforeseen health challenges. The officers and their family members benefit from this health insurance. 

Housing Benefit Scheme: 

Through the FRSC housing cooperative scheme, which was launched in June 2004, the Federal Road Safety Commission offers housing perks for staff employees.

The idea behind this program was inspired by a strong desire to make access easier for members who also give to the National Housing Fund.

Nevertheless, the Federal Mortgage Bank Loans and proudly own their homes, where they may eventually retire.

The program’s goal is to:

  • To buy, build, and allot empty lands to her members
  • To manage the estates for serving and retiring/discharging service personnel.

Cooperative Society:

The Federal Road Safety Commission Cooperative Society enables its members to obtain loans, grow their savings, and purchase items at competitive prices from reliable vendors.

The list of approved car brands for interested members is an illustration of a good that the cooperative society provides to the employee at a discounted rate.

Special Marshals Welfare Scheme:

In the event of fatal traffic accidents, special marshals are covered by insurance. They were also given protection under the Act’s immunity clause.

Through this immunity provision, they absolve the special marshal of responsibility for any act duly performed by him on the designated path.

In conclusion, it is worthy to emphasize that those with a secondary certificate who joined the Federal Road Safety Corp earn roughly N40,000 a month.

In the FRSC, the entry salary for graduates starts at N100,000, while high-ranking officials earn N250,000 and above monthly.

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