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Salary Structure Of EFCC Jobs

EFCC jobs

For those interested in EFCC jobs, this post will shed light on the salary structure of the anti-graft agency. With this, you can have a clear idea of how much EFCC officers earn per month. 

Brief Details About EFCC

EFCC is an acronym for Economic Financial Crime Commission or EFCC, the agency that works to combat financial crimes in Nigeria. The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), which identified Nigeria as one of 23 nations that were non-cooperative in the international community’s efforts to combat money laundering put pressure on the government by creating the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in 2003. Abuja serves as the agency’s headquarters.

It investigates and detains public offenders on matters of financial infractions, illegal taxation, money laundering, and other money-related offenses throughout the nation in its capacity as a law enforcement agency. Additionally, it keeps track of, manages, and makes arrests for any financial-related economic offenses. Additionally, in 2003, the Federal Government established the EFCC as a body to combat the problem of money extortions plaguing Nigeria.

EFCC Ranks And Divisions

EFCC staff ranking is different from other government agencies and regulatory bodies. Detective Superintendent, Detective Inspectorate, and Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets are the 3 major EFCC ranks. 

The antigraft agency have six divisions where staff are ranked accordingly they include:

1. The Administrative Division

2. Also, the Capacity Development Division

3. Furthermore, the Research and Publication Division

4. Networking and Collaboration Division

5. Certificate Courses Division

6. Cadets Division

EFCC Salary Structure

The EFCC is one of the few government agencies that pay their staff well. Earning potentials in the EFCC is closely associated with rank and years of service just like other para military organizations in Nigeria.  

The EFCC pays an entry-level employee a salary of roughly 158,000 Naira per month. 

A graduate assistant at the EFCC receives a salary of 201,075 Naira monthly. 

The monthly salary for a Deputy Detective is around 245,000 Naira.

To read more about EFCC, Visit their Official website

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