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Salary Structure Of Civil Defence

Civil Defence salary

For young Nigerians who wish to join the NSCDC, this post is for you. NSCDC is an acronym for Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). It is nice to have an idea of the Civil defense salary structure before eventually joining them. This is what this post is all about. Keep reading, we got it all covered. 

Brief Details About The Civil Defence

The NSCDC is a paramilitary organization under the control of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its mandate is to offer protection against threats, attacks, and natural disasters that could harm the country and its people. The lay Act No. 2 of 2003, as revised by Act 6 of the Fourth of June 2007, grants the corps legal authority. They have access to firearms and a variety of accessories, including this 9mm silencer and holographic sights.

As the Nigerian military and police, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps has ranked as well. They too have hierarchical structures. The Assistant Cadet holds the lowest rank while the Commandant General holds the highest. Both commissioned and non-commissioned officers are present there as well. Similar to almost all military and paramilitary groups in Nigeria, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps salary structure is based on the officer’s rank.

Remuneration is also determined by the academic qualifications of officers. If an officer has a degree, he or she is put at Level 8. On the other hand, a person with an HND is assigned to Level 7. The person is ranked at level 12 if they are a doctor. On level 9, however, a lawyer is situated. Level 9 is also designated for those with master’s degrees.

An officer in the Assistant Superintendent cadre of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps would be at level 8 step 1 and receive a salary of up to N121,000 per month. On the other side, a Level 7 Inspectorate Cadre is paid roughly N69,000 per month. Below are the available ranks in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps from the highest rank to the lowest rank.

  • Commandant General is on level 8
  • Deputy Commandant General is on level 17
  • Assistant Commandant General is on level 16
  • Chief Commander is on level 15
  • Deputy Commander is on level 14
  • Assistant Commander is on level 13
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre is on level 12
  • Superintendent Cadre is on level 11
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre is on level 10
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I is on level 9
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II is on level 8
  • Inspectorate Cadre is between levels 6 and 12.
  • Assistant Cadre is from level 3 to 5. This is the lowest cadre in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

According to these grade levels, an officer with the NSCDC in level 8 step 1 (Assistant Superintendent Cadre) would make an estimated N115,000 per month, whereas an officer in the level 7 Inspectorate Cadre would make an estimated N69000 per month.

See the salary of other officers below:

Assistant Cadre earns between 296,506 Naira to 374,259 Naira per year. 

Assistant Inspectorate Cadre earns between 357, 385 Naira to 411,454 Naira annually. 

Inspectorate Cadre earns between 483,014 Naira to 567,065 Naira every year

An Assistant Superintendent Cadre II earns 858,956 to 986,991 Naira per annum. 

Assistant Superintendent Cadre I takes home 939,310 Naira to 1,056,416 Naira yearly. 

Deputy Superintendent Cadre II earns between 1,012,562 Naira to 1,143,539 Naira per year.

Superintendent Cadre II earns between 1,094,027 Naira to 1,252,038 Naira annually.

Chief Superintendent Cadre II earns between 1,158,172 and to 1,325,234 per year.

Assistant Commander earns between 1,225,584 to 1,405,449 Naira annually

Deputy Commander earns between 1,619,447 Naira to 1,825,589 Naira every year

Chief Commander’s annual salary is between 1,759,921 to 1,966,281 Naira 

Assistant Commandant General annual salary is 2,272,288 to 2,464,560 Naira 

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