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Salary Structure Of Airtel Nigeria

Salary Structure Of Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is another amazing telecommunications company to work with in Nigeria. For those looking for telecom jobs in Nigeria, you should consider applying for Airtel jobs. This post will emphasize on the salary structure of Airtel Nigeria and how to apply for Airtel jobs.

Brief Details About Airtel Nigeria

With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, Airtel Networks Limited is one of the country’s top telecom service providers. The telco has a client base of more than 50 million as of December 2019, placing it among the top three mobile service providers in terms of subscribers. The company offers enterprise services, mobile commerce, home broadband, and 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services.

Airtel Networks Limited is a subsidiary of Airtel Africa Plc, an African telecom business with operations in 14 nations. The goal of Airtel Africa is to offer accessible, cutting-edge mobile services to everyone, and Bharti Airtel, the company’s main stakeholder, supports it in this endeavor. Wireless telephony and internet services via 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, as well as mobile commerce via “Airtel Money,” are among its product offerings. At the end of March 2020, Airtel Africa had more than 110 million users across all of its operations.

Through its Corporate Social Investment programs in Nigeria, Airtel Networks Limited is strongly devoted to and interested in advancing honorable causes. It has spent both financial and material resources to support several communities and improve underprivileged people throughout Nigeria by leveraging its award-winning Touching Lives program, Adopt-a-School initiative, and Employee Volunteer Scheme. Nigerians in the many communities where it operates have been influenced by its various CSR programs both directly and indirectly.

Salary Structure Of Airtel Nigeria

The monthly salary for contract staff at Airtel Nigeria is between 70,000 and 80,000 Naira. Airtel Nigeria specialists can expect to make between 350,000 and 480,000 Naira each month. Although new entry-level employees are paid less than other experienced older workers, this is likely to change as they advance in their careers and accumulate more work experience.

According to estimates, new hires at Airtel currently earn between 150,000 to 170,000 Naira per month after statutory deductions. The fact that two employees rarely make the same income, although being at the same level of hierarchy and working in the same department, is an intriguing aspect of how Airtel Nigeria compensates her staff.

Based on our findings, location, individual performance, and negotiation abilities are some of the reasons that contribute to the discrepancies in their salaries. Below is a breakdown of the annual salary packages for some roles at Airtel Nigeria:

Area Manager (Sales), Oyo State earns between 1.5 million Naira to 2 million Naira annually.

Head Electrical Planning/Project Implementation and Operations (Pow), Lagos State earns between 3 million Naira to 4 million Naira annually.

Procurement Officer/Record Keeper (Graduate Internship), Lagos State earns between 600,000 Naira to 800,000 Naira annually.

Project Manager, Lagos State earns between 3 million Naira to 4 million Naira annually.

How To Apply For Airtel Nigeria Jobs

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