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Salary Of Pharmacist In Nigeria

Pharmacist Salary

Let’s take a look at the job description and average salary of pharmacists in Nigeria. For those who are interested in pharmacist jobs, this post is for you. Before we proceed, let’s try to understand who a pharmacist is. 

Who Is A Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is a specialist who aids clients in understanding how and when to take prescriptions, which in many instances can save lives. A pharmacist prepares drugs for use or delivery and ensures that patients receive all of their prescribed medication. They then disperse them as needed to meet the needs of each person.

In addition to dispensing medications, pharmacists provide advice on how to use them properly and lead healthier lives. Additionally, pharmacists do health exams, immunize patients against infections, and keep track of how much medication each patient takes each day.

When prescription drugs cannot be obtained from suppliers or manufacturers, pharmacists must combine the drugs themselves and dispense them. On the basis of an examination of the symptoms described by clients, they also offer health recommendations. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work together to prepare patients when necessary, recommend the best medications for their needs, and educate patients.

Qualities Of A Good Pharmacist

A competent pharmacist is trustworthy and open with patients while discussing their prescriptions. They take charge of looking after them by asking inquiries, which helps meet each patient’s demands while always acting professionally.

Job Brief Of A Pharmacist

You will be in charge of preparing and giving patients the proper medications as a pharmacist. You can accomplish this by carrying out a doctor’s order or by attending to the patient’s issues and requirements. High levels of responsibility and knowledge are required for the position. The skill and enthusiasm to help people and offer them information and answers make a pharmacist more than just a dispenser of prescription medication.

For the patient to receive prompt treatment for a minor ailment or to be sent to the appropriate doctor, the pharmacist must be properly qualified to interpret symptoms. Additionally, pharmacists must be qualified to offer professional guidance on cosmetics and para pharmaceutical.

Job Description Of A Pharmacist

  • Review and execute physician’s prescriptions checking their appropriateness and legality
  • Organize the pharmacy in an efficient manner to make the identification of products easier and faster
  • Maintain full control over delivering, stocking, and labeling medicine and other products and monitor their condition to prevent expiring or deterioration
  • Listen carefully to customers to interpret their needs and issues and offer information and advice
  • Provide assistance with other medical services such as injections, blood pressure/ temperature measurements, etc.
  • Prepare medicine when appropriate using correct dosages and material for each individual patient
  • Keep records of patient history and of all activities regarding heavy medication
  • Keep abreast of advancements in medicine by attending conferences and seminars and collaborating with other healthcare professionals
  • Comply with all applicable legal rules, regulations, and procedures

Requirement And Skills Of A Pharmacist Job

  • Proven experience as a pharmacist
  • Thorough understanding of dosage administration and measurement, chemical compounds, medical brands, etc.
  • Outstanding knowledge of MS Office and Pharmacy information systems (eg. MediTech, Mediware, etc.)
  • Good organizing skills
  • Excellent communication skills with a customer-oriented approach
  • Integrity and compassion
  • Degree in Pharmacy/Pharmacology
  • Valid license to practice the profession

Average Salary Of A Pharmacist In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 120 pharmacists across Nigeria, the average monthly salary of a Pharmacist in Nigeria is 136, 000 Naira. However, entry-level pharmacists earn around 109,000 Naira per month while mid-level pharmacist earns around 147,000 Naira monthly. A senior-level pharmacist earns up to 178,000 Naira monthly. 

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