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Salary Job Vs Hourly Rate Job

Salary Job Vs Hourly Rate Job

Curious about the differences between a salary job and a job that pays on hourly basis? this post is for you. We will be talking about Salary Job Vs Hourly Rate Job. We will be comparing the 2 types of job. The amount you are paid per each hour you work is known as your hourly rate. You should be paid for all of the hours you put in as an hourly worker. Employers will need to pay you more if they need more of your time. You will get compensated for 25.5 hours, for instance, if you work 25 hours and 30 minutes. You will be paid 17.50 Naira per hour, or 446.25Naira , for the time you put in. 17.50 x 25.5.

What Is Salary Job

A regular payment made to an employee for holding a full-time post is known as a salary. Although some companies only pay salaries once a year, most employers disburse compensation on a weekly or bimonthly basis. A clause in your job contract should specify how much and how often you will be paid.There is a set amount for each wage payment. With a salary of 600,000 Naira per year, for instance, you’ll receive 50,000 Naira every month before taxes. The amount after taxes is known as net pay, and this is known as gross pay.

For each position, many sizable firms have a predetermined salary range. The traditional method for determining salary range is to compare the averages for the industry for each employment type, level, and location. Your education, prior work experience, and length of employment are all factors that affect your salary. Supply and demand have an impact on salary ranges as well. In general, you can find better offers in locations where there are many openings for positions that are similar to yours.

Benefits Of A Salary Job

Regular Paycheck

Employers constantly pay a fixed amount to salaried personnel. Even on holidays, every check is the same. Additionally, you are permitted to take sick days as needed without having your compensation cut. A consistent income can ease stress and provide more flexibility when unplanned needs arise.

More Career Advancement Opportunities

A salaried position typically entails more duties than one that pays by the hour. Even if you agree to a pay reduction, switching from an hourly to a salaried position might be advantageous in the long run. You may receive extra perks like health insurance and a faster promotion than an hourly worker to a more senior position. For instance, full-time employment is often necessary for management positions.

Additional Benefit

Salaried full-time employees are more likely to receive supplemental job benefits including health insurance, matched contributions, and paid time off. Even though a salaried position with benefits pays less than an hourly position, it may still benefit your financial situation. Benefits like paid maternity or paternity leave, reimbursement for gym dues, or free child care can result in significant financial savings.

Disadvantages Of A Salary Job

Employers are required by federal law to give hourly overtime pay when they employees work more than 40 hours per week. Salaried employees may nevertheless be required to put in as much overtime as is necessary to complete the job. So a demanding boss could easily keep you at work with additional tasks and you might not get paid for that extra time.

Benefits Of An Hourly Rate Job

Overtime Compensation

Since most companies use a time tracking system that pays staff by the minute, if you are paid hourly, you should be compensated if you have to stay past your scheduled departure time. Since federal law mandates overtime pay for hourly workers, if your employer needs you for more than 40 hours a week during a busy period, you may earn hundreds of dollars extra each week.

Opportunity For Holiday Allowance

Although most firms only pay time and a half for overtime, others will pay double or even triple time for special occasions like New Year’s Eve. If you work in a profession where working overtime is customary, you might make more money than you would in a salaried position paying a similar wage. 

The additional compensation that comes with working overtime is not always guaranteed. Before accepting a job offer, you should make sure that it is mentioned in your contract, along with any other advantages that were promised.


An hourly job gives you the flexibility to plan additional activities like learning new skills, attending classes, starting your own business, or working another full- or part-time employment.

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