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Preparing for a Zoom Interview

So you applied for a job, your application was reviewed and you were invited for an interview. Fast forward to a day before the scheduled date, and you are notified that the job interview will be held via Zoom. Zoom is an online space where professional meetings are held through video calls. In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire process of preparing for your zoom interview, so nothing can go wrong.

What You Shouldn’t Do Before a Zoom Interview

1. Don’t panic.

You need to focus on checking that your mic, lighting, and so on, are working fine. You can’t do that if you are tense and nervous.

2. Dress too casual.

Agreed, you are at home and should be comfortable, but this is a professional interview for a job. Your interviewer will be formally dressed, so you should be too.

3. Set up your camera in a noisy space with a busy background.

No, your TikTok studio with party lights, background music, and butterfly wallpaper will not do. Unless you’re being interviewed for a content creator role, set up your camera in a quiet space with a plain background.

4. Show up late.

If your interview is scheduled for 8.00 am in the morning, you shouldn’t still be sleeping by 7:30. Be prepared at least 10 minutes before time, so network issues don’t make you join the meeting late. If you will be late for an inevitable reason, notify the interviewer beforehand so that the meeting can be rescheduled.

5. Update your Zoom app.

You should update your Zoom app, but not right before your interview. Do that, hours before time. App updates take a lot of time. You don’t want to attend your interview after the Zoom meeting has ended.

What You Should Do Before a Zoom Interview

Set up a practice Zoom meeting beforehand and note what camera angle and sitting position works better.


1. Check that your Wi-Fi network is strong and stable.

Upgrade your internet speed if it is slow, you can test it on You don’t want to hear the interviewer’s first question minutes after he has asked the next one.

2. Assess your mic and speaker.

Check that they are working fine, and turn on helpful settings like the; suppress background noise if necessary.

3. Adjust your lighting and camera settings to improve video quality.
4. Clear your background of unnecessary clutter and noise.

Clean the area you plan to stay for the interview. A messy environment gives the impression that you are uncoordinated and disorganized. Yes, the interviewer takes your background into consideration as well. Notify your housemates that you will be having a Zoom interview so they can be quiet. Change your location to a calmer environment if you have to.

5. Practice your answers to common interview questions so you can answer with confidence.

Write down the questions you can ask the interviewer at the end on a piece of paper.

6. Join the meeting before your interviewer.

Start your practice and tests early on so you have ample time to finish up and get to the meeting first.

7. Place everything you’ll need to ace the interview, within reach.

It might help to have your resume and written questions close by, so you can jog your memory if your mind goes blank at any point.

8. Practice over and over again.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While on a Zoom Interview

1. Eat or Drink.

You wouldn’t take packed lunch along with you to an on-site interview, would you? Exactly. You are not excused to eat on a Zoom interview either just because the interviewer is not physically present.

2. Drive.

You should clear your schedule for the duration of your interview. Don’t zoom and drive because you have to be at another appointment venue soon. In an event where the interview has already started and an emergency requires you to move, take the backseat in the car or notify the interviewer so you can reschedule.

3. Use your phone.

Your interview being on Zoom doesn’t mean you are allowed to reply to messages on your phone. The interviewer can tell when your attention is divided and will get the impression that you are not a serious fellow. Activate the Do not disturb feature or turn off your phone altogether

   Basically, you should be as professional on a Zoom interview as you would be in a physical one. Ensure that you are calm and collected before joining the meeting. Picking at your nails, nonexistent hairs on your outfit, or fidgeting with your pen is a no-no. You are the right candidate for the job because you are qualified, a professional in your field, and can deliver value. That is the impression you want to give the interviewer, and behind a camera or not, make sure he gets it!

Bye for now.

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