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Preparing a Basketball Resume

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                     In Nigeria, there is more hype over football, than basketball. For most of us, talking basketball means appreciating how graceful LeBron James is on the court despite his impressive size. But we can’t ignore that we have some fans in our midst whose interests have gone beyond fawning over physical attributes. These are the people who would analyze the playing strategy and can prove with citations, why LeBron James is more of a basketball G.O.A.T than Michael Jordan regardless of the latter’s long list of resume-worthy achievements. If you fall into the second category, you most likely play basketball and greatly enjoy the sport. Chances are if you get a mail of acceptance from the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF), it would make your entire year. Well, at HubforJobs we are dedicated to helping you fulfill your career dreams, no matter how big. 

Whether your dream job is to be a player or a coach, I’d be sharing tips on how to prepare the perfect basketball resume in this article. 

Stay with me.

What Does Becoming a Basketball Player Entail?

Basketball is a team sport played between 2 teams of 5 players each, intending to shoot a ball into a hoop. Professional basketball is played on a rectangular wooden court with hoops at both ends.

A basketball player is an athlete who participates in basketball games and competitions with a team. He is trained on the rules and regulations and methodology of the sport. When exceptional basketball players retire, they apply to share knowledge gotten from their experience with the young ones, as a coach.

The fundamental skills required in basketball are Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Rebounding, and Shooting. Dribbling and Passing are acceptable ways of moving the ball around the court. Defense aims to reduce the opposing team’s chances of shooting their ball in the basket. Shooting skill is the most essential, as the teams are scored by the number of shots they get in the basket.

To be a good basketball player, you also need to train your speed, agility, and acrobatic ability. Acrobatic ability refers to jumping and throwing skills. To make it to the NBA, you will need to have progressively grown from playing in your high school league, to college, your country’s league, and gained a lot of experience.

What Is The Average Salary of a Basketball Player?

It’s hard to tell exactly how much basketball players earn in Nigeria. However, if you do make it to the NBA, you should earn an average of $7.5 million (approx. NGN3,750,000,000).

What Does Becoming A Basketball Coach Entail?

To become a basketball coach, you must have prior experience as a basketball player. Necessary skills include; communication skills, problem-solving skills, recruitment skills, knowledge of the rules and regulations of basketball, knowledge of first aid for sports injuries, and core conditioning techniques.

What Is The Average Salary of a Basketball Coach?

A basketball coach’s salary is influenced by his popularity, level of experience, market value, and status of the hiring team. An average NBA head coach earns around $4 million (approx. NGN2,000,000,000)

In Nigeria, the average salary of a basketball coach is NGN119,000.

The highest-paid coach earns $11.5 million (approx.NGN5,750,000,000)

How To Write a Basketball Resume

1. Start With a Header

At the very top of your resume, insert a header rectangle. Include your full name, contact info, and portfolio link in the header. Highlight your full name using a larger font than the rest of your text.

2. Tell a Brief Story About Yourself

You can share personal details about yourself, but make sure 80% of this summary is relevant to the application. Share your experience as an athlete or coach, and how your skills have been of value. If you are applying to coach, include what age range you have coached in the past and insight on their winnings and losses.

3. State Your Skills

Draw attention to those skills that attest to your credibility as a good team player. For coaching, emphasize the skills that present you as a good leader and manager.

4. Share Details of Your Work Experience

Share the name, location, and status of the organizations/ teams you have worked with before, also include how long you worked with them and what your responsibilities were.

5. Showcase Your Basketball-Related Qualifications on Your Resume

Your resume should include a high school diploma, and a college degree in Physical Education or a related course. Coaches typically should have a degree in Sports Management. Feel free to include any other relevant certifications, achievements, and awards.

Pro Tips For a Perfect Basketball Resume

  1. Attentively read the job description beforehand, and include important keywords in your resume.
  2. Tailor your resume to your strengths and abilities. If you have great defense skills, show that. If you have experience coaching professionals, state that.
  3. Show off your achievements using numbers. Suppose your last team enjoyed 12% more winning streaks after you joined to play/coach, show that.
  4. Don’t overhype yourself. Give honest and accurate information, don’t falsify anything to appear more qualified.
  5. Read through and check for typos and grammar errors in your resume before sending it off.
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