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Nigeria Defence Academy Interview Questions And Answers

Nigeria Defence Academy Interview Questions And Answers

Do you have a strong desire to serve in the Nigerian Army, Navy, or Airforce? Want to know the application procedure, test date, allowed age range, and other specifics? Following the entrance exam into NDA, an interview will be held, and we at Hubforjobs will provide you with full information regarding the employment prospects and the interview process. If you want a good and successful career, you can consider enrolling in the NDA.

The Nigeria Defence Academy is an institution where cadets of the three services army, navy, and air force train together before they are posted to their service academies. NDA jobs are very challenging and adventurous job which requires physical fitness. If you want to work with any of these three government military organizations, be prepared by looking into the National Defence Academy job interview questions and answers that Hubforjobs provides.

Brief Overview Of The NDA

According to Wikipedia, the Nigerian Defence Academy is a military university based in Kaduna, Nigeria that trains officer cadets for commissioning into one of the three services of the Nigerian Armed Forces: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. The duration of training at the Nigerian Defence Academy is five years

Nigeria Defence Academy Interview Questions And Answers

What Is The Role Of Defence Forces In Our Country?

 If you plan to attend the interview, you should be fully informed about the Nigerian military. This question which will be asked by the interviewer or the panel demands that you should provide a perfect response. Candidates who want to join the NDA must be completely knowledgeable about the Nigerian Military.

What Is Your First Preference As Army / Air Force / Navy?

When you are filling NDA Application Form for examination, you have a choice to select Army / Air Force / Navy.

Which Course You Will Opt For If You Could Not Become Officer And Why?

There are several opportunities available for additional studies. So, you can decide before you attend the interview. Never say that it is a choice for your parents that you will become an officer. It may have a devastating effect on your personality.

What Are Your Strengths?

The interviewee is required to discuss his or her best skills, including knowledge base strengths (computer skills, technical abilities, etc.), personal skills (flexibility, dedication, punctuality, leading ability, etc.), and transferable skills in response to this question, which is the most frequently asked (planning, analytical skills, etc).

What Are Your Weaknesses And How Do You Hope To Overcome Them?

It is a favorite of the interview committee and is used to find out a candidate’s areas of weakness. The most important thing to keep in mind when answering this question is not to reveal your weaknesses. You must answer it with a positive approach and with a superior overcame option.

Who Is A General And Chief Of Staff Of The Nigerian Armed Forces?

While going for an NDA interview you must know the answer to this question otherwise you will be automatically disqualified.

You must quickly and plainly state, “Sir, I’ll try again next time.” 

The interviewer or panel might now argue with you by asking what would happen if you didn’t enter the NDA. 

Here, you must show that you are committed to working for the country by promising to do your absolute best or stating that you have not previously anticipated anything other than defense.

Will You Come Back Again For Another Interview If You Fail This Time?

This question may be asked by the panelist during the interview.

Don’t worry; he isn’t telling you right away that he can’t help you right now. Instead, the encounter is to assess your character. 

If you announce you won’t return without providing a reason, it will reflect poorly on your character.

Why Do You Want To Join The Military?

The most frequent question asked of NDA applicants during the one-on-one interview is “why” do you want to join the military. 

This question is the most anticipated because the applicants will be present at their first meeting. Therefore, you must adequately prepare for your goal. Few applicants state that they wish to work for the country, and even fewer claim that wearing the uniform makes them feel proud and happy. For a small number of applicants, joining the Nigerian Armed forces is motivated by financial considerations. You need to stay away from saying anything about financial rewards.

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