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Lecturer Salaries In Nigeria

Lecturer Salaries In Nigeria

With the ASUU strike which has lingered for over 7 months, most people want to find out about lecturer salaries in Nigeria. Without mincing words, university lecturers in Nigeria receive a fair salary that allows them to maintain a middle-class lifestyle and provide for their families. The salary of Nigerian lecturers, who range from lecturer II to professor level, is broken down below on an annual and monthly basis in this article. It was a monumental endeavor to obtain the minimum monthly salary or take-home pay that an ordinary lecturer in Nigeria earns. But using the most reliable sources, we could discover the estimated sum.

Who Is A Lecturer?

Lecturers are teachers who lecture or teach academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students. They work in universities and higher education colleges. Because they deliver lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical demonstrations to classes larger than the typical classroom, they are referred to as lecturers rather than instructors. Students will learn about a profession or vocation from lecturers, who will also help them get ready to graduate in their field of choice. However, they frequently instruct on the concepts and standards that must be understood before entering the workforce.

Job Description Of A Lecturer

  • Preparing and delivering lectures to students
  • Creating syllabi and course outlines for new courses or updating existing ones
  • Participating in student recruitment activities such as interviewing prospective students and answering questions about the program or department
  • Assisting students with academic issues such as understanding course content or completing coursework
  • Preparing and administering tests and exams such as midterms and finals
  • Conducting independent research in their field of study, often publishing findings in peer-reviewed journals
  • Participating in continuing education activities such as workshops, seminars, and conventions
  • Assisting students with academic challenges such as writing papers or studying for exams
  • Developing curriculum and teaching classes as part of a faculty position in higher education

Career Progression Of A Lecturer

There are varying levels of the profession. While you work towards your own educational goals, you can start lecturing as an entry-level lecturer. Therefore, here’s a look at the progression:

1. Entry-level: You have your master’s and can start teaching, but may still pursue your Ph.D. Most time at the entry level, you start as an assistant lecturer.

2. Lecturer: Your Ph.D. is complete and your class size may increase.

3. Senior Lecturer: Your responsibilities grow with your experience. You may even assess students who are not your own and give lectures at other universities.

4. Professor: After earning your Ph.D. and becoming a university lecturer, you can work towards becoming a professor.

With many years of experience, professors produce research and publish findings in their field. They also have tenure, meaning they have earned a permanent position as part of the faculty.

Lecturer Salaries In Nigeria

Please be aware that pay scales for lecturers may vary from university to university, but that they often fall within the same range. As a result, below we provide an estimate of the range of salary for all lecturers at Nigerian universities. Nevertheless, with the pay range below. Many people would also agree with us that this sum is inadequate in light of the projected pay ranges for lecturers teaching outside of Nigeria.

Lecturer II earns between 137,459 Naira to 164,970 Naira per month which sums up to between 1,649,509 Naira to 1,979,640 Naira annually.

Lecturer I earns between 173,333 Naira to 223,668 Naira every month which amounts to 2,079,996 Naira to 2,684,010 Naira annually.

Senior Lecturer goes home with around 257,625 Naira to 371,292 Naira monthly which is equivalent to 3,091,505 Naira to 4,455,506 Naira per annum.

Reader earns between 314081 to 417,063 monthly amounting to between 3,768,221 Naira to 5,004,750 Naira per year.

A professor in Nigeria earns between 381,695 Naira to 501,680 Naira per month.

Both NASU and the Academic Staff Union of Universities have expressed concerns about the salaries of lecturers, making a case that they should be earning way more.

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