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Jobs You Can Do To Earn Top Salary In Nigeria Without A University Degree

Jobs You Can Do To Earn Top Salary In Nigeria Without A University Degree

Your inability to attend university or any other tertiary institution shouldn’t stop you from having a decent job that offers exciting opportunities and a good salary. In this post, we will be taking a look at jobs you can do to earn a top salary in Nigeria without a university degree.

Jobs You Can Do To Earn Top Salary In Nigeria Without A University Degree

A Software Developer

A software developer usually referred to as a programmer or coder, is a person who writes codes for various computer requirements. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. The demand for software engineers is always high. It is unquestionably one of the jobs that require the most crucial abilities.

Software developers are highly sought after in Nigeria and throughout Africa. As a software developer, you might earn millions of Naira per year. A software developer’s ability to work remotely is an additional benefit. You are free to work for businesses anywhere in the world, including those in the USA, Europe, and Nigeria. A college degree is not required to work as a software developer. While attending a university might have many benefits, independent learning is also an option. Online training can help you master a skill in around six months.  Alternately, you may enroll in a nearby training program that would take a few months.

Real Estate Agent

An intermediary between a buyer and a seller of real estate property is known as a real estate broker or agent. They aim to assist both buyers and sellers in finding suitable houses. This is a well-liked, well-paying job for which no college degree is necessary. You might need to research effective real estate brokers and pick up their tips. You can also read up on this position to learn more about it. Real estate brokers are in high demand because of the growing population, individuals who are continuously on the move, and the new buildings that are being built every day. By simply familiarizing yourself with the real estate market, you may become a millionaire with just one commission from a big sale. To assist them in finding buyers or sellers, you might collaborate with various businesses or people.

A Blogger

A blogger is a person who frequently publishes content on a website. It involves starting a website or blog on the internet and posting frequently on a specific niche. Being a blogger is now one of the highest-paying careers in Nigeria and the rest of the globe because of the popularity of the internet! Bloggers can earn money while dozing off. A blogger can be anyone. You don’t require a college degree! You can work from home. You only need to be able to read and write. And last but not least, the desire to learn.

Event planner

A person who arranges and produces events, such as weddings, conferences, parties, festivals, and so on, is known as an event planner. This is an extremely successful line of work. The majority of Nigerians enjoy attending parties. Event planning services thrive especially in large cities. Education is not required to work as an event planner. Even while a degree may be helpful, you can succeed as an event planner without one. You can work for and learn from a productive event planner. You can as well grow by reading a lot.


A farmer is someone who cultivates plants or animals for human use or financial gain. The best and most significant job in the entire world is this one. Understand why? Food will always be needed, and farmers are essential! One of the oldest professions in the world is farming. Since farmers are the ones who produce the food we consume, they are just as vital as doctors and police. What else could sustain us in the absence of food? To be a farmer, you don’t need a degree. Farmers existed long before there was formal education. However, you must educate yourself on farming and comprehend its principles. Look for a niche to specialize in. The majority of the wealthiest persons in the world today own farms and employ farmers, paying them well. You may also work alone or in collaboration with another person. Growing industries include farming. It never gets old.


An individual whose objective is to sell goods or services to others is a salesperson. For businesses, this is one of the most crucial positions in existence. Companies require their products or services to reach the target market to create them. The salesman steps in at this point. The majority of today’s billionaires are skilled salespeople. They all began as one. A degree is not always required to work as a salesperson. You can work for businesses or be more self-sufficient.

Movie actor

A movie actor is someone who appears in a play or movie. One of the world’s coolest jobs is this one. You not only receive a fat paycheck, but you also gain notoriety! You gain both fame and wealth from this work. To become a movie star, you don’t always need a college degree. Mercy Johnson, who is perhaps one of the best Nigerian female actresses lacks a university degree. Whatever your age, you can pursue a career in acting. You do however need to be talented or work hard to build your skill as an actor. Read and learn from your favorite actors. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria that also gives you fame!


A musician is a person who sings, plays an instrument, or writes music. A musician is also someone who performs instrumental music. This is one job that will pay you a lot of money all at once. It gives you fame in addition to money. If you are skilled at it, you could earn millions in a single month. Being a musician does not require a degree, but requires talent. Even if you lack exceptional talent, you can still study and work hard. Learn from your mistakes and improve every day. This is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying occupations in Nigeria, as we can all agree.

Social media marketer

A social media marketer is a person who advertises products and services for customers online. Social media marketing has developed into a very lucrative career because of the impact of social media, which has become a very big part of billions of people worldwide. Many firms are trying to use social media to increase their lead generation. To work as a social media marketer, you don’t need a degree. You must research and comprehend how social media functions.

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Jobs You Can Do To Earn Top Salary In Nigeria Without A University Degree

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