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Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State which was nicknamed the “Pacesetter State”. It has so many notable achievements, including being the site for the first degree-awarding institution in Nigeria; the University of Ibadan, and the first television station in Africa; NTA. Despite its commendable achievements, the state’s economy remains largely agrarian and the unemployment rate is fairly high at 18%. Does this mean that there are no jobs in Ibadan apart from farming? No. Just as there are several job listings for farm managers, there are also various job listings requesting employees in healthcare, administration, finance, and other industries.

Jobs in Demand in Ibadan Include:

Pharmaceutical Technician

Pharmaceutical technicians work with pharmacists to dispense medication to patients in a pharmacy.

Medical Sales Representative

A medical sales rep supplies healthcare facilities such as pharmacies, hospitals, and the like, with drugs and other pharmaceuticals. He works as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company.


The accountant is in charge of keeping track of all financial transactions in a company.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for general office work.


The duties of an engineer vary based on the hiring company or establishment. Require skills include; analytical skills, calculative skills, and other technical skills.

Data Engineer

A data engineer works to create systems that help in the collection, management, and conversion of data to information. He works closely with data scientists and analysts.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in demand for their creativity. Most graphic designers work contract jobs.

Health Consultant

Health consultants are hired to evaluate healthcare systems and give expert advice on areas that need improvements, and recommendations for said improvements.

Hotel Manager

The hotel manager’s job is to oversee all affairs of the hotel, including the recruitment of staff.


Marketers are hired for their advertisement and negotiation skills.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating websites and ensuring that existing websites are running optimally.


Nurses are caregivers, it is their duty to take care of in-patients until they are restored to a state of well-being.

Entry-level Jobs in Demand in Ibadan.

These are jobs that are more skill-based than experience-based. They include:


Bartenders are hired to mix drinks and serve them to customers at a bar. The average salary of a bartender in Nigeria is NGN100,000 per month. The pay ranges between NGN60,000 to NGN200,000 per month.

Corporate Driver

Job requirements for this role include a driver’s license and knowledge of different routes in the country. Depending on the type of establishment, the driver will be provided with the company’s vehicle. The average salary of a corporate driver in Nigeria is NGN100,000 per month.


Cleaners are hired to keep the office space neat. This job role does not require any experience. The average salary for a cleaner in Nigeria is NGN90,000 per month.


Chefs are hired by restaurants and other establishments in the hospitality industry to prepare meals. No experience or qualification is needed for this job role, only good cooking skills are required. The average salary of a chef in Nigeria is NGN200,000 per month.

Pastries Chef

Pastry Chefs are hired by restaurants, hotels, and event planners to make baked goods for commercial consumption. The average salary of a pastry chef is NGN50,000 per month.


Secretaries are responsible for office paperwork; distribution of mails, organization of relevant documents, and so on. The average salary for a secretary in Nigeria is NGN140,000 per month. Pay varies based on location, level of experience, and type of establishment.

Sales Representative

A sales rep is tasked with the responsibility of advertising the company’s products and services to prospective clients and supplying them to existing customers. Sales reps are often given targets to meet up with in a bid to enhance productivity. The average salary of a sales rep in Nigeria is NGN180,000 per month.

Advertisement Manager

Advertisement Managers are responsible for creating compelling content for the company campaigns and other forms of brand promotion. The average salary of an advertisement manager in Nigeria is NGN500,000 per month.

Interior Decorator

Interior decorators are in demand for beautifying office structures for brand openings and rebranding. They are also heavily patronized to decorate halls and event centers for programs. The average salary of an interior decorator in Nigeria is NGN70,000.

Computer Operator

Computer operators are in demand at supermarkets and business centers. Efficient IT skills are required for this role.

Daily Pay Jobs in Ibadan Include:

Dispatch Rider

Dispatch riders are hired for the delivery of pre-ordered packages to customers. Company dispatch riders are provided with a branded motorbike or minivan.

Pastries Chef

Pastry Chefs who work as entrepreneurs and supply baked goods to establishments that need them are paid for every batch of delivered pastries.


 Waiters are in demand to serve food and drinks to guests at restaurants and resorts. They are paid a percentage of their total earnings for the day, as income. Customers may sometimes tip a waiter extra cash if they are impressed by his service.

Farm Manager

A farm manager is hired to oversee the affairs of farm staff and keep a record of the farm’s proceedings.

Restaurant Manager

The job of the restaurant manager is to oversee the affairs of the restaurant, ensure that customers are comfortable and satisfied, and protect the restaurant staff from unruly customers.  

Tips on How to find Jobs in Ibadan

  1. Search for your preferred job position by title on job search sites, and filter by location.
  2. Apply to several vacancies at a time. One must reach out to hire you; if they all offer you employment, you can pick the best.
  3. Companies mostly hire for daily pay job positions by recommendation; volunteer to work for free at relevant events to get referrals.
  4. Reach out to members of your network that work in your dream company, and ask for vacancies.

Pro Tips

  1. Acquire relevant skills. Jobs that are not experience-based are always skill-based.
  2. Connect with experts in your field. The best jobs come from good recommendations. 
  3. Volunteer to work free. If you want a position in a particular company, reach out to the company and volunteer to work with them for free and showcase your skills. Do your best, and you will get a good referral.

In a nutshell:

Dear jobseeker, acquire skills, connect, volunteer, and network while you await your dream job. I hope you got value.

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