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Jobs For A Stay At Home Mum In Nigeria

Jobs For A Stay At Home Mum In Nigeria

Some women want to stay at home because they need the time to care for their children and take care of some household duties, not because they are idle or untalented. Although being at home with children is seen as being idle and unproductive in the 21st century, being a stay-at-home mother does not imply that you are unproductive or lazy because you may work from home and make money. In this post, we will be taking a look at perfect jobs for a stay-at-home mum.

Jobs For A Stay-At-Home Mum In Nigeria

Women who stay at home are no longer seen to be idle since some of them are taking advantage of every chance they see to establish a niche for themselves. Here are some remote professions that stay-at-home mothers can try out if they haven’t yet determined what they can do in the comfort of their homes to generate money.


Online shopping and selling is a business venture in Nigeria that is expanding quickly. It is currently the most successful form of selling because customers may purchase whatever they desire without necessarily meeting you. You might choose to market clothing, accessories, purses, and jewelry online so that customers can place orders. And their goods can be delivered right to their door with the aid of assigned riders. 

Since nearly everyone has access to social media, one benefit of e-commerce is that it makes it possible for you to connect with your target market. Utilizing social media analytics will also help you understand the needs of your target market. Additionally, you need to be well-versed in digital marketing to succeed in e-commerce. You may learn this skill for free online through classes that will show you how to get started.

Freelance writing

Another career option for stay-at-home mothers is content writing, particularly for those with a passion for the written word. In Nigeria, freelance writing is in high demand, and many businesses are looking for authors who can provide well-researched articles that will drive traffic to their websites. Therefore, writing opportunities are recommended to be pursued by stay-at-home mothers who are talented writers. They can choose to write professionally for a blog or publication company and earn money doing so. To get started, all you need to do is search the internet for companies looking for writers, then apply.

Business plan writing

Some new businesses may require the assistance of a qualified business plan writer to help them create a document that will convince potential sponsors from corporations or secure funding from the federal government. If you are a stay-at-home mother who excels at creating thorough business plans, you should think about keeping an eye out for such start-up businesses and applying to write a strong business plan for them in exchange for payment. All you need for this task to be completed comfortably at home is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Online Teaching Job

Stay-at-home mothers can work as online teachers, especially if they excel in a particular field. They can support themselves by teaching what they are skilled at. Educating students in various disciplines, foreign languages, and hand skills are a few examples. There are many different ways to educate individuals. A smart strategy to make money for yourself is to have a You tube page where you publish various videos on the topics you want to educate people on. Ask them to subscribe to and like your channel. Additionally, you can create online courses where you lay out everything and make it available to anyone online for a fee.

Blogging Job

One of the top online careers in Nigeria has been blogging. Nevertheless, it calls for perseverance and diligence. Sharing knowledge on a website is what blogging is all about. Any issue could be the subject of the information. You can blog on your own or for other people. Bloggers are in demand from individuals and businesses who want them to maintain their blogs, provide content, and increase reader engagement. On job boards and other places, you can look for those kinds of jobs.

Starting your blog, growing it, and earning money from it is, nevertheless, more profitable. There are many subjects you can blog about, including food, politics, news, sports, fashion, business, personal finance, and more. Starting a blog is affordable. For a domain name and monthly hosting, you will need roughly 4,000 Naira. However, paying for hosting for over a year is less expensive. It will cost roughly 27,000 Naira. You can launch a professional blog and start earning substantial money online for as little as 31,000 Naira.

Daycare Business

You can generate money with this business while spending a lot of time with your kids and other people’s kids. The only issue I can see with this is that it depends on the type of lodging you have. A good agreement with your husband would make things much simpler to set up, aside from this. A daycare center can quickly expand to the point where more space is required and a location for the business is required. Many working mothers need your assistance with this. You’d be surprised at how much mothers would pay, especially if they trusted you, to take their kids away for a few hours.

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