Senior Expert – Data Center Facility Product Planning -Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited

Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

  • Align with customer’s strategies and pain points, develop product development charter and conduct special research, and ensure the leading competitiveness of products and solutions in the region.
  • Manage regional major key product and solution requirements, including but not limited to Power, Mechanical, Modular Data Center, and DCIM, ensure regional competitiveness , and take responsibility for business closure.
  • High-level communication and strategic benchmarking with regional typical customers.
  • Support frontline marketing personnel in strategic project development and breakthrough.
  • Support joint innovation activities with regional key accounts.
  • Recruit and acquire local high-level talent, build talent pipelines in divisions, and build organizational capabilities.


  • Senior Expert in the Power, Mechanical, Modular Data Center, and DCIM domain, familiar with the market, products, solutions, and development direction of the domain, and proficient in a specific domain. Master cross-domain knowledge.
  • More than 10 years of experience in the data center facility domain.
  • Be familiar with Market Insight business modules, including but not limited to market analysis, customer analysis, competition analysis, technical analysis, and Future Disruptive Innovation analysis. Be proficient in a business module.
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