Packing Plant Operator – PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

Job Description

Principal Accountabilities

  • The key outputs of the job
  • List in priority order if possible, typically 8-10
  • NOT a task list
  • Any requirement for organizing & planning including own work and the allocation of resources
  • Typical decisions made and if they are advisory or directly responsible for the outcome
  • To produce and hygienically fill  non defective jerry cans (bottles or pouches) accurately with wholesome product Calibration of all top load scales must be done on shift basisMaintains equipment in optimum condition
  • Keeps the environment of the packing plant especially your work area clean in line with GMP and 5s philosophy Operates the equipment to obtain consistent and continuous operation of the plant in line with the detailed production plans. Takes and record operational parameters at required intervals Troubleshoots minor problems
  • To do all tasks in line with laid down QMS, GMP, HACCP & FSMS policies To comply with all safety rules laid down in the Packing plant Ensures all production tank levels are monitored and kept within control during operations Replaces oil filter bags as at when due as stated in the operational procedure Ensures the readiness of production machinery as well as packaging and raw materials as per the day’s production schedule. To ensure compliance with relevant QMS, Food Safety, OHS & EMS policies and procedures.
  • To identify and rate the department activities aspects and develop programs where necessary, to help control those aspects that could have adverse impact on the environment.

 EMS, OHSMS and FSSC Responsibilities:

  • Implement and comply with EMS/FSSC/OHS requirements relating to environmental aspects and impacts and other policies, procedures and /or regulations applicable to assigned jobs
  • Understand and apply the intent of the EMS/FSSC/OHS policy and requirements to assigned jobs
  • Understand roles, responsibilities, and the importance of conformity to the EMS/FSSC/OHS requirements.
  • Understand the significant environmental aspects and related actual or potential impacts associated with their work, and the environmental benefits of improved personal performance
  • Understand the potential consequences of departure from specified OHS procedures or legal requirements.
  • Ensure prompt escalation (adequate communication) of any food safety related issues to any FSTM, FSTL and or next line of reporting manager.

Internal & External Relationships:

  • Identify the most significant ones
  • Attach a preferred suppliers list if available
  • Detail which networks the jobholder will be part of e.g. finance, category
  • Production team (Refinery, Packing Plant)
  • Engineering and Maintenance Team
  • Operation, Supply & Distribution Team
  • Technical team (Q.A., SHE etc.)
  • Warehouse team
  • Human Resources (H.R.)

Knowledge, Skills & Experience Needed

  • Minimum of School Certificate or OND holder in any discipline, preferably in Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering or science.
  • 0-2 years work experience in a similar position
  • List any qualifications required to do the job
  • Be specific about the experience needed
  • Focus on type of experience not the time served
  • Computer literate
  • Proactive and able to implement continual improvement program.
  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field.

Job Context & Special Features:

  • Explain any special features or context in which the job operates
  • Detail any language or mobility requirements
  • Ability to grasp complex concepts easily.
  • Pay attention to minute detail.
  • Excellent planning, negotiating, and organizing skills.
  • Great physical health.
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