Manufacturing Systems Manager – International Breweries Plc

Job Description

Key Outputs and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate understanding of the associated control systems. (Brew house, Cellars, Filtration, Packaging, Raw materials brewing/Packaging) and provide expertise to the line teams
  • Ensure application of the GOPs (Maintenance, Extended maintenance, Electrical Systems, Control & Automation, Reverse Engineering) and create sustainable improvement in focused GOP scores in Control and Automation.
  • Ensure security of site automation infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance to calibration schedule across the plant
  • Optimise production processes
  • Demonstrate your support with fault-finding on the following systems (MES integration with Batch exchanger and BTE logs, incoming/outgoing message tables, PaQT agent logs)
  • Manage control panel protocol (Cabinet/panel/rack/wiring labelling and drawings, 5 “S” practices, component configuration/programming/operation standards, ventilation & cooling)
  • Implement the Plant ‘s strategic plan for control and automation. (Consistency across plant, technical documentation, visualization & and diagnostics for operating areas, flow of material and control information, network architecture compliance to standard)

Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering or relevant course
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in:
  • Automation
  • Networks and servers
  • Microsoft server software
  • Manufacturing Execution systems (MES).
  • PLC systems
  • Manufacturing processes
  • S88 batch control standard
  • Field instrumentation and networks
  • SCADA systems
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