Head of Digital and Technology – Edo Museum of West African Art (EMOWAA)

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities
Acquisition, Licensing and Maintenance:

  • Develop specifications and maintain budgets of appropriate IT hardware to enable the effective implementation of EMOWAA’s aims as an organisation
  • Identify and prioritise appropriate software to achieve EMOWAA’s overall aims as well as the needs of specialist digital projects
  • Manage procurement for hardware and software, ensuring value for money in negotiations with suppliers based on EMOWAA’s charitable status
  • Manage a rolling programme of maintenance, upgrading, licensing of hardware and software to ensure that EMOWAA remains at the cutting edge of digital capability
  • Built an effective and efficient IT support system for all EMOWAA IT users


  • Oversee the day-to-day implementation of work across EMOWAA’s digital programme, including a digital library, virtual collection, and digital mapping facility
  • Develop a core team of IT/data specialists, providing line management, technical and training support as needed
  • Oversee the recruitment and performance management of direct reports, including annual performance reviews and mentorship
  • Work closely with and, where appropriate, integrate partner cultural institutions in the development of these teams.

Project Development / Fundraising:

  • Work with EMOWAA colleagues to develop scope, structure, schedule and budgets for the different elements of the digital programme
  • Work with colleagues to develop fund-raising applications which directly address and support the objectives of these programmes;
  • Work with funding organisations and partner institutions, maintaining good communications and ensuring the effective delivery of project objectives on time and within budget.

Data Management and Archiving:

  • Develop data management processes, structures and standards that will ensure that EMOWAA’s data storage and retrieval system is efficient and transparent
  • Ensure databases created for individual projects and in EMOWAA’s core operations are designed in accordance with the needs of users and of long-term data access
  • Develop sustainable digital archives, factoring in the long-term management, preservation and accessibility of EMOWAA’s digital data
  • Identify partner institutions that can support these aims and, were appropriate, to develop collaborative relationships and projects.

Innovative Delivery:

  • Support EMOWAA’s curatorial and education and outreach projects delivered through digital applications, such as e-learning projects, virtual installations
  • Work with the wider EMOWAA team to identify the most effective ways to deliver the content that will be created by EMOWAA’s digital programmes
  • Help identify EMOWAA’s audience, understanding their interests and the most effective digital tools to reach them, including social media, websites and hard infrastructure in Benin and in satellite exhibitions.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Executive Chairman, the Director of the Pavilion and others as needed 
  • Advise (or source advisory for) the organization on how to build its in-house IT capabilities, including hiring junior staff, procurement of hardware and software, and training programs
  • Develop forms, templates and guidelines for EMOWAA staff and contractors related to the above functions/areas of support.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Qualifications: Master’s Degree (PhD preferred) in Information Technology / Geographic Information Systems preferably combined with Museum Studies, Art History or Archaeology.
  • Experience: Needs to have had experience of working in digital applications within the context of the arts, preferably including aspects of cultural heritage and/or museum/exhibition management.
  • Analytical/Creative Skills: Must be creative and innovative, able to grasp the nature of the wide range of Benin’s material and intangible cultural heritage resources and to identify the best way to document and communicate them using the latest digital tools
  • Leadership Skills: Must possess leadership qualities that enable him/her to move, drive, and motivate a core IT team and individual project teams to successful completion of their goals and objectives
  • Technology fluency: Show a deep interest and skill in new and emerging technological appliances, software, and applications
  • Interpersonal/People Skills: Being self-motivated and inspiring others to do the same, being a great problem solver, exceptional negotiation skills; being proactive and going beyond the call of duty; willing to learn about new disciplines and trends, and to learn from others.
  • People Skills: A suitable candidate will also have outstanding people skills, given their role as an internal service provider and the need for close collaboration with EMOWAA team leads.

Compensation & Benefits
Competitive, subject to credentials.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should submit a 1-page Cover Letter and CV to: [email protected] using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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