Group Head of Finance – Co-creation Hub (CcHUB)

Job Description

Corporate Strategy:

  • Collaborating with the CEO and/or the Executive Management  to set strategic financial goals and make strategic business projections based on current trends and future expectations.
  • Work with the management team to ensure alignment on resource requirements and action plans to allow for company’s goals to be met.
  • Continuously monitor company performance and the external landscape to identify risks and opportunities and determine whether adjustments to the strategic approach is required.
  • Work with management to define and implement effective work processes and ways of working across the company to realize the strategic objectives

Financial Leadership:

  • Financial Management: Oversee the duties of the company’s finance function to ensure compliance with regulatory and organizational requirements; increase efficiency and effectiveness of the finance team; accuracy and reliability of financial information and the overall management of the company’s funding and expenditure.
  • Develop forecasts, company financial models and work directly with management across the company to align on plans and measure results. This role requires a deep background in financial modelling and analysis, strong communication skills and a great deal of interaction and relationship building with key stakeholders across finance and the leadership team.
  • Oversee collaboration with other functions, benchmark performance internally to identify opportunities to adjust operating models with the aim of improving effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Treasury/Cash Management and manage the relationship with the company’s bankers.
  • Grants Accounting: Oversee preparation of budgets and financial reports for submission to granting agencies in cooperation with the Program Managers and grantees, as required.
  • Investment Management: Undertake the management of the Company’s assets and securities, including tracking investment performance and providing financial statement analysis to the CEO (and potentially  to the Board).

Financial Reporting and Analysis:

  • Oversee the preparation of internal reports, including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, including both operating reports and financial reports
  • Oversee the integrity of the General Ledger, transaction reporting, and the balance sheet on a real-time basis, ensuring that all reconciliations and accruals are accurate and reviewed on a timely basis
  • Oversee the preparation of financial reports and certificates, as required by the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Perform all financial reporting and analysis work for the group’s business operations.

Planning and Budgeting:

  • Participate in strategic and business planning for the group.
  • Coordinate the setting and monitoring of performance against financial goals and objectives.
  • Provide overall leadership and management of the annual budgeting process and any interim re-evaluation processes; the budgeting processes should provide an accurate forecast of financial and cost accounting information based on historical analysis and teaming with other senior management.
  • Provide overall leadership and management to the capital budget and approval process.
  • Support ongoing re-forecasting efforts to ensure that the company maintains a current operating forecast on a real-time basis, which is integrated with the company’s medium term financial forecast and short-term cash forecast.


  • Implement operational best practices.
  • Assess and manage any third-party partners/vendors to which accounting or other finance functions have been outsourced.
  • Supervise the financial operations of subsidiary companies and operations.
  • Oversee the company’s transaction processing systems.
  • Ensures that systems are in place to maximize revenue, minimize expenses, and meet capital requirements for all company property in accordance with industry best practices.
  • Maintain relationships with key CAPEX and OPEX suppliers.
  • Provide oversight to ensure compliance with local and international reporting requirements and ensure taxes are determined on a timely basis and paid in line with local regulation.
  • Work with Executive Management on periodical cost management and revenue growth decisions.
  • Lead the due diligence and acquisition process, where applicable.

Internal Controls & Processes:

  • Ensure proper preparation for all audits.
  • Maintain, review and revise internal controls to ensure the safeguarding of assets and reliability of financial statements.
  • Establish and monitor systems and controls that verify the integrity of all systems, processes, and data, and enhance the company’s value.
  • Maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures.
  • Enforce compliance with proper accounting procedures and company policies and escalate non-compliance issues to the CEO and/or Executive management when appropriate.
  • Oversee the coordination and activities of independent auditors, ensuring they are provided accurate and timely information as required, all audit inquiries are addressed, and all compliance standards are met
  • Challenge and streamline accounting processes for accuracy and efficiency wherever possible.
  • Direct initiatives focused on automation and efficiencies within the finance unit and in the rest of the Company.
  • Manage the preparation of the annual financial statements, federal and state requirements and preparation of any other required supplementary schedules and information.

Risk Management:

  • Anticipate and mitigate key elements of the company’s risk profile.
  • Assess and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards.
  • Ascertain that the company uses appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Make sure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies.
  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations.

Leadership and Management:

  • Lead and mentor the existing finance team.
  • Establish a system of accountability and monitor the performance and competency of direct reports, including conducting timely performance and salary reviews.
  • Develop structures to build and train an effective finance team.
  • Maintain in-depth relations with all other unit heads.
  • Participate in key decision-making processes as a member of the Management team.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or postgraduate professional qualifications in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration and/or other relevant and appropriate discipline.
  • 8+ years of experience handling financial management, accounting, reporting, financial analysis and planning.
  • At least 5 years of progressively evolving management and leadership experience managing large complex employee groups.
  • Demonstrated experience and skill with budget preparation and analysis, financial reporting preparation and presentation, and the proven ability to translate technical, financial data into informative reports.
  • Experience in formulating, developing, and implementing financial strategies and plans.
  • Experience with managing and reporting on complex projects, managing risk, and ensuring value for money.
  • Track record of advising senior management and providing technical support concerning best practices in financial management, aiming to support strategic business goals.
  • Background in strategy and business planning with the proven ability to develop and manage business plans, processes, and controls to enhance efficiencies and mitigate risk.


  • Strong working knowledge of financial accounting, cash flow, donor, grant budgeting and investment management.
  • Strong working knowledge of audit and compliance of different jurisdictions.
  • Knowledge of accounting standards and consolidated financial reporting.
  • Knowledge of grant processes, procedures and auditing requirements.
  • Strong knowledge of the technology ecosystem and understanding of grant and program financing and management.
  • Demonstrate proven ability in organizational development, business transformation, fundraising, project management, asset, and property management.
  • Mission-focused, energetic, results-oriented and process-minded leader who is able to help others deliver measurable, cost-effective outcomes that make the company’s vision a reality.
  • A deep understanding of the African financial, legal & tax regulatory environments and experience dealing with international accounting frameworks.


  • A competitive salary, based on experience. 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Work alongside world-class talent 
  • A culture of learning and innovation
  • Opportunities for career growth and training 
  • Interaction with industry leaders and forward-thinking people
  • A chance to make a social difference
  • Overall fun company.
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