Chief Executive Officer at a Transportation and Logistics Company – Deloitte Nigeria

Job Description


Our client in the Transportation and Logistics Industry within the public sector is looking to recruit a highly qualified professional to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking executive within the organisation, responsible for the overall success of the organisation and is the ultimate decision-maker for the business. The Chief Executive Officer will work closely with the key stakeholders to develop the organisation’s long-term strategy, budget and business plan and ensure it complies with the law and regulations with the goal of increasing shareholder value.

The general responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer are as follows:

  • Monitor and stay abreast of industry, national and global developments, trends, and events to ensure the company is able to maintain its competitive positioning
  • Collaborate with the Board to define and articulate the company’s vision and champion the articulation of strategies and plans for achieving it
  • Recommend to the Board an annual operation plan and budget that addresses how approved corporate strategy can be implemented
  • Ensure unambiguous communication of the overall business objectives and strategic direction to the lowest level of the organization
  • Provide leadership to direct reports and the entire staff and ensure strong a relationship between senior management and the Board
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key organizations and investors and champion the formulation of strategic business alliances
  • Drive the expansion of the company’s footprint in the industry by increasing the number of customers served
  • Oversee the formulation and implementation of effective marketing and customer engagement strategies to achieve sustainable growth in customer base, market share, sales and profit
  • Provide leadership in the identification, appraisal, and realization of opportunities for investments and new business development
  • Ensure prompt implementation of the company’s approved operational plans and ensure that operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Provide broad guidelines for the establishment of standards to measure the performance of the Company, its departments, and personnel
  • Ensure continuous review and assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s policies, procedures and processes and identify improvement opportunities
  • Receive and review periodic financial and non-financial reports to effectively monitor and steer the activities of the company to achieve its strategic objectives


  • First degree from a reputable tertiary institution
  • An MBA or completion of a recognized management development or leadership programme with evidence of commitment to continuing development/updating of management and leadership skills
  • Minimum of twenty (20) years cognate experience, with at least ten (10) years at the executive management level which should include experience in the transportation and logistics industry
  • A proven track record in business transformation, process improvement and business development A proven track record of establishing a strong performance management culture
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