Artificial Intelligence Engineer – Parallel Score

August 12, 2022
500000 - 600000 / month

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop AI for Video Analysis and Computer Vision tasks. 
  • Write and maintain high-performance Python/C++ software code. 
  • Write technical documents describing core systems. 
  • Work closely with Design, Production, and QA. 
  • Gather Dataset, create Machine Learning Models for Object Detection, Image Classification, and Image Segmentation 
  • Performs research and testing to develop machine learning algorithms and predictive models.  
  • Utilization of big data computation and storage tools to create prototypes and datasets.  
  • Conducts model training and evaluation, integrates, tests, tunes, and monitors solutions. 

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years experience in Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision and/or software development. 
  • Experience with AI Algorithms such as YOLO, UNET, Deepsort, etc. 
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following programming languages: Python, C/C++. 
  • Proficient in mathematics including linear algebra, trigonometry, and algorithm design. 
  • Passionate, Self-motivated and loves solving problems. 
  • Familiarity with microservices architecture. 
  • Familiarity with multi-threaded/processing programming. 
  • Proficient with multiple AI tools and machine learning frameworks like Spark, TensorFlow, PyTorch, sciket-learn, and Keras. 
  • Requires a degree/master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or equivalent.  
  • Works on advanced, complex technical projects or business issues requiring state-of-the-art technical or industry knowledge.
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