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Job Vacancies In Nigeria

Job Vacancies In Nigeria

In this post, we will be sharing some of the latest job vacancies in Nigeria and how you can apply. There is no doubt that jobs abound in all sectors of the Nigerian economy regardless of your current location in Nigeria.

Accounting Jobs In Nigeria

Accountant II – Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Job Description

  • Prepare payment vouchers.
  • Properly code all transactions.
  • Control and enter all expenses from the petty cash.
  • Payment of expenses, including per diem and transport to participants during activities in the field.
  • Prepare and control advances.
  • Assure balances of unused portions of advances are deposited into the MSH account.
  • Prepare deposit slips for cash to be deposited into the bank account.
  • Reconcile advances, including review of receipts, coding of expenses on the general voucher, and entering into QuickBooks.
  • Maintain accounting files.
  • Follow up on outstanding advances and assure timely reconciliation.
  • Control consumption of project (petrol, electricity, water, telephone).
  • Participate in the improvement of the accounting system and the system of internal control.
  • Create all financial reports as requested by the supervisor.
  • Preparation and filing of forms for payments of taxes and social security.
  • Other tasks as requested by supervisor.
  • Ensure that payments are processed accurately, timely, and safely (to minimize MSH’s risk exposure).
  • Ensure that treasury practices in the country minimize MSH’s cash exposure.
  • Ensure that entries are entered into the financial system accurately and timely.
  • Ensure that month and year-end accounting activities are done accurately and in compliance with MSH policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that systems are in place in the country to ensure that operations are managed and staff act in full compliance with local laws, adhere to contract/award and donor requirements and comply with MSH policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Systems are in place to ensure that appropriate staff members are aware of and understand laws, contract/award and donor requirements, and MSH policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance.
  • The responsibilities and duties are indicative only and are subject to change to meet the needs of the project, the organization, and the donor.

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Agriculture Jobs In Nigeria

Assistant Rural Infrastructure Engineer (ARIE) – Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD)

Job Description

  • Liaise with State/L GAS Engineering staff and other development partners) and include them throughout all rural infrastructure development activities to ensure sustainability, ownership, and synergy among stakeholders.
  • Mobilize relevant beneficiaries around each rural infrastructure development activity for sustainability and increased ownership
  • Support in executing engineering/architectural surveys/designs, specifications (technical and socio-environmental), and cost estimates for rural infrastructure (roads, storage/market/agro-processing facilities, land development activities, small irrigation activities).
  • Contribute to the preparation of manuals/guidelines and the execution of capacity-building activities in the area of operation and maintenance for the sustainability of all rural infrastructure to be developed by the project
  • Monitor contractor’s construction program and method on the field, verifying that they are consistent with the implementation modalities (timeline and technical specifications).
  • Monitor consultant’s service provision program and method on the ground, verifying that they are consistent with the implementation modalities (timeline and technical specifications).
  • Assist in the process of measurement calculation for further payment and/or variation.
  • Liaise with Project and/or States/LGAS Environmental Experts to ensure all related aspects are considered for sustained and environment-friendly rural infrastructure is delivered
  • Carry out any other functions assigned to him/her by the Rural Infrastructure Engineer (RIE).

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Aviation Jobs In Nigeria

Manager, Enterprise Risk Management – United Nigeria Airlines

Job Description

  • Designing and implementing overall risk management processes and strategies for the company;
  • Performing a risk assessment: Analyzing current risks and identifying potential risks that are affecting the company including the financial impact on the company when risks occur;
  • Performing a risk evaluation: Evaluating the company’s previous handling of risks, and comparing potential risks with criteria set out by the company such as costs and legal requirements;
  • Establishing the level of risk, the company is willing to take
  • Developing a risk matrix in terms of probability of occurrence and severity of consequence;
  • Preparing risk management and insurance budgets
  • Risk reporting is tailored to the relevant audience, the board, management and financiers, and regulatory agencies.
  • Advising the board of directors about the most significant risks to the business;
  • Ensuring that business heads understand the risks that might affect their departments;
  • Ensuring that staff understand their accountability for individual risks;
  • Explaining the external risk posed by corporate governance to stakeholders
  • Creating business continuity plans to limit risks;
  • Implementing health and safety measures, and purchasing insurance
  • Conducting policy and compliance audits, which will include liaising with internal and external auditors;
  • Maintaining records of insurance policies and claims
  • Reviewing any new major contracts or internal business proposals
  • Building risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the company
  • Performs any other duties that may be assigned by the COO/ED

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Tech Jobs In Nigeria

IT Analyst – Redwire Marketing Consulting

Job Description

  • Provide technical leadership on activities requiring expertise for core IT systems and services.
  • Recommend and deploy technology solutions to improve business operations.
  • Direct and coordinate the implementation of IT operations, projects, and programs, ensuring alignment of IT services with the business needs.
  • Manage technical documentation, employee work tools issuance and equipment, project management tools, and equipment inventory.
  • Provide support to users and be the first point of contact for error reporting.
  • Conduct regular upgrades on the system to enable compatible software on all computers.
  • Perform tests and evaluations on new software and hardware, maintain hardware, and troubleshoot hardware and software issues.
  • Review vendor contracts and coordinate IT purchases (hardware, software, and services) to ensure effective deployment of solutions aligned with user needs.
  • Develop and manage the company and clients’ websites
  • Deliver appropriate IT-related training to enlighten staff and clients on the usage of applications, tools, and systems.
  • Develop new IT methods and solutions for the business.
  • Oversee data security and product enhancement.
  • Manage internet connectivity and closed user groups (CUG) subscriptions and resolve issues where applicable.
  • Research market and industry trends and patterns.

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Teaching Jobs In Nigeria

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Advisor – Lagos Business School (LBS)

Job Description

The work will include but is not limited to:

  • Overseeing the research firm in their selection, planning, qualitative research, analysis, and report drafting
  • Building relationships with key GESI advocates and potential influencers across sectors, especially within the government, to ensure all stakeholders are included in the report creation process
  • Supporting the development of a brief on the state of the current gender discussion in Nigeria in policy and in the society from literature review and interviews (for example, the National Gender Framework)
  • Assess the best available quantitative gender-disaggregated data on plastics and discuss the gap in data where appropriate from literature review and interviews, especially with plastics stakeholders and members of the NPAP
  • Conduct and support key informant interviews beyond the easily identified plastics stakeholders, seeking out the voices of underrepresented and marginalized communities, considering class, ethnicity, language, wealth, geographic, gender differences, and disability. Informal economy workers should be represented.
  • Support the analysis, drafting, review, and dissemination of a report on the research findings
  • Lead the community dissemination plan for applying insights from the report, including designing and hosting meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders who can influence the system to be more equitable
  • Provide recommendations on ways to improve the multistakeholder action map to incorporate gender considerations throughout

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