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Job Description Of A Research Analyst

Job Description Of A Research Analyst

A research analyst is a specialist who gathers information from many sources and used it to analyze patterns to foretell the direction the market will go in the future. To determine where resources should go next, they use current patterns and compare them to forecasts for the future. Let’s take a look at the job description of a research analyst.

Job Description Of A Research Analyst

The basic responsibilities of a research analyst include:

  • Collecting data on consumers, competitors, and market place and consolidating information into actionable items, reports, and presentations
  • Understanding business objectives and designing surveys to discover prospective customers’ preferences
  • Compiling and analyzing statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect it.

A research analyst provides data that enables businesses to make wise decisions regarding their products. They research consumer views and behavior, looking at what consumers desire in terms of where they make purchases and future sales trends. A research analyst’s job is to use the most recent data to guide marketing strategy and optimize techniques to have the most influence on sales or marketing trends. Research analysts might work for an agency or independently as contractors. They might communicate regularly with the marketing team in the case of an agency and answer the product marketing manager.

Job Brief Of A Research Analyst

To help customers make decisions about product designs, prices, and promotions, Organisations hire a systematic research analyst to survey customer preferences and statistical data. A good market researcher would be able to examine qualitative data, trends, competition, and strategies independently to boost competitiveness.

Job Description Of A Research Analyst

  • Collect data on consumers, competitors, and market place and consolidate information into actionable items, reports, and presentations
  • Understand business objectives and design surveys to discover prospective customers’ preferences
  • Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect it
  • Perform a valid and reliable market research SWOT analysis
  • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations
  • Use online market research and catalog findings to databases
  • Provide competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identify market trends, pricing/business models, sales, and methods of operation
  • Evaluate program methodology and key data to ensure that data on the releases are accurate and the angle of the release is correct
  • Remain fully informed on market trends, other parties research and implement best practices

Skills Required For A Research Analyst Job

  • Proven Market Research Analysis experience
  • Ability to interpret large amounts of data and to multi-task
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, or similar), databases, and MS Office
  • Search engines, web analytics, and business research tools acumen
  • Familiarity with CRM programs
  • Adequate knowledge of data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys, etc)
  • Working knowledge of data warehousing, modeling, and mining
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking
  • BS degree in Statistics, Marketing, or related field

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What are the different types of Research Analysts?

Depending on the fields in which they are experts, research analysts hold a variety of positions. Here are a few instances:

Market Research Analyst:  Market research analysts are marketing experts that utilize their expertise to help organizations detect market trends, product popularity, rivalry, and customer preferences.

Financial Research Analyst:  This class of research analysts examines the financial statements of a company and evaluates them in light of current economic conditions. Their objective is to support business owners in making wise financial decisions regarding investments, downsizing, or market expansion.

Operations Research Analyst:  These experts examine operational data from a company’s organizational structure, employee data, and other elements to identify opportunities to enhance business operations.

Medical Research Analyst:  Medical research analysts record participant data from clinical trials and medical studies to conclude the efficacy of a pharmaceutical treatment or procedure.

Qualities Of A Good Research Analyst

An excellent research analyst is curious and passionate about their field. These characteristics work together to motivate a research analyst to complete worthwhile research tasks. They place a high emphasis on continuing their education, and they spend some of their free time reading reports and analyzing market information.  A smart research analyst is also able to function both independently and in teams as needed. This enables people to work together on research initiatives without preventing them from pursuing difficult research topics on their own. A good research analyst can present their findings to business experts in-depth thanks to their strong public speaking skills.

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