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Job Description And Average Salary Of Translator In Nigeria

Salary Of Translator In Nigeria

Translator jobs are the jobs that give you the luxury of working remotely. Most translator jobs in Nigeria do not require physical presence except on rare occasions. In this post, we will be taking a look at the average salary of translator in Nigeria and their job description.

Who Is A Translator?

They are communication experts that translate written or oral content from one language into another. The translator’s main aim is to enable readers to read a translation as if it were the original is the translator’s main objective.

To accomplish that, the translator must be able to accurately convey the thoughts and information from the source while writing sentences that flow much like the original.  Any cultural references, including slang and other terms that do not translate precisely, must be taken into account.

Although they might not need to speak it well, translators must be proficient readers of the original language. Typically, they exclusively translate into their mother tongue. The majority of translation jobs are received and submitted electronically, and nearly all translation work is done on a computer. Before being considered complete, translations may go through numerous changes.

Job Brief Of A Translator

Translators are hired to translate written and spoken texts into other languages while maintaining the original intent, structure, and tone of the originals. The duties of a translator include reading and fully comprehending the context of the source material, using specialized dictionaries and translation software, and proofreading the finished product. 

As a translator, you should have a great eye for detail and be proficient in at least two languages in addition to your home tongue to succeed in this position. You’ll deliver ready-to-use translated content that satisfies our internal requirements and aids in our outreach to a wider audience.

Job Description Of A Translator

  • Read given material and research industry-specific terminology
  • Convert text and audio recordings from one language to one or more others
  • Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone
  • Prepare subtitles for videos and online presentations
  • Cross-reference specialized dictionaries and translation tools to check the quality of translation
  • Proofread translated texts for grammar, spelling, and punctuation accuracy
  • Follow up with internal team members and clients to ensure translation meets their needs
  • Edit content to maintain its original format (e.g. font and structure)
  • Network with field experts to stay current on new translation tools and practices

Requirements And Skills For A Translator Job

  • Proven work experience as a Translator, Interpreter, or similar role
  • Fluency in at least two languages in addition to your native language
  • Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Good knowledge of content editing tools
  • Familiarity with translation software
  • Time-management skills
  • BSc in Translation, Interpreting, or similar field
  • Additional certification in Linguistics is a plus

Average Salary Of A Translator In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 2 translators in Nigeria, the average salary for a Translator in Nigeria is 102,000 Naira. 

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