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Job Description And Average Salary Of Telemarketers In Nigeria

Salary Of Telemarketers In Nigeria

In this article, we will be taking a close look at the Job description and average salary of Telemarketers in Nigeria. For those interested in telemarketing jobs, this post will give you insights into the following

  • Who a telemarketer is
  • What telemarketing fully entails
  • Job brief of a telemarketer
  • Qualities of a good telemarketer
  • Job description of a telemarketer
  • Requirements and skills needed to work as a telemarketer
  • The average salary of a telemarketer in Nigeria

Who Is A Telemarketer?

A telemarketer is a Professional in charge of calling prospective customers to sell goods or market a particular service. They are responsible for maintaining contact lists of clients, outlining the advantages or benefits of their services, and, if necessary, obtaining payment information.

What Telemarketing Entails

Telemarketing is the practice of directly promoting products or services to prospective clients over the phone, the Internet, or fax. Automated phone calls or “robocalls, may also do the job of a telemarketer. A growing backlash against this form of direct marketing has been sparked by tales of telephone scams and fraud as well as the intrusiveness of telemarketing. Telemarketing may also be referred to as telesales. 

Four common kinds of telemarketing include outbound calls, inbound calls, lead generation, and sales calls. Outbound telemarketing calls, commonly referred to as “cold” calls, are used to aggressively contact potential and current consumers.

Inbound: The basis for these telemarketing calls is inbound product or service queries brought on by marketing or sales initiatives. These calls are regarded as “warm” calls because the potential clients have frequently expressed interest online or are already familiar with the business.

Lead generation entails gathering information about the interests, demographics, and user profiles of potential clients.

Telemarketers use sales calls to close deals over the phone. This involves a strong persuasive skill used by the telemarketer. Numerous tasks can be included in telemarketing, including surveys, making appointments, conducting telesales, maintaining and cleaning databases, and issuing calls to action. Similar to call center agents, telemarketers also keep lists of current and future clients and conduct sales calls to them. They use scripts to make their pitches as similar as possible to influence the client in the desired direction.

Job Brief Of A Telemarketer

Organizations are always on the lookout for motivated telemarketers to help them generate revenue or attain business goals by making cold calls or responding to inquiries in a busy setting. You will be in charge of persuading current or potential clients to purchase goods or services. A good telemarketer is approachable and persuasive. You must be able to quickly comprehend the needs of the client and offer solutions that address those objectives. To handle aggression and complaints, the ideal candidate will also be patient and composed. The core objective of hiring a telemarketer is to enhance business growth.

Qualities Of A Good Telemarketer

An effective telemarketer must be able to communicate with clients on their terms and possess strong communication skills. To persuade potential customers to purchase goods or services that would be of interest to them, they must be skilled in sales strategies.

Job Description Of A Telemarketer In Nigeria

  • Cold call people using a given phone directory to sell products or solicit donations
  • Answer incoming calls from prospective customers
  • Use scripts to provide information about product’s features, prices, etc. and present their benefits
  • Ask pertinent questions to understand the customer’s requirements
  • Persuade the customer to buy by demonstrating how merchandise or services meet their needs
  • Record the customer’s personal information accurately in a computer system
  • Deal with complaints or doubts to safeguard the company’s reputation
  • Go the “extra mile” to meet sales quota and facilitate future sales
  • Keep records of calls and sales and record useful information

Basic Requirements And Skills Needed For A Telemarketer Job

  • Proven experience as a telemarketer or similar sales/customer service role
  • Proven track record of successfully meeting sales quotas preferably over the phone
  • Working knowledge of relevant computer programs (e.g. CRM software) and telephone systems
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Proficient in English
  • Skilled in negotiation and dealing with complaints
  • Persistent and results-oriented
  • Patient and able to handle customer rejection
  • High school diploma; BSc/Ba is a plus

Average Salary Of A Telemarketer In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates of 7 telemarketers in Nigeria, the average salary of a telemarketer in Nigeria is 77,000 Naira. 

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