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Job Description And Average Salary Of Sound Engineer In Nigeria

Salary Of Sound Engineer In Nigeria

A sound engineer job is a vital one in the multimedia industry. Filmmakers, musicians, multimedia production companies, event organizers, and media houses all need the services of a sound engineer. If you are interested in a sound engineering career, you need to have a full grasp of the job description and average salary of a sound engineer in Nigeria. We will be taking a look at the following:

  • Who a sound engineer is
  • What sound engineering entails
  • How to be a sound engineer in Nigeria
  • Job Brief of a sound engineer
  • Requirements and skills to work as a sound engineer
  • The average salary of a sound engineer
  • Career path for sound engineers in Nigeria 

Who is a sound engineer?

Sound engineers are otherwise referred to as audio engineers. A sound engineer is a professional who works in a recording studio, a multimedia production company, or a radio or television company, and whose job is to alter and balance the levels of different sounds as they are recorded.

This is one of those fantastic careers for those with a passion for the arts and technology is sound engineering. Numerous technical skills are necessary, but it also necessitates a creative mindset that aids musicians and performers in realizing their artistic objectives.

A career as a sound engineer may be ideal for you if you have a keen, trained ear and enjoy tinkering with electronics.

A sound engineer’s core duties include:

  • Following instructions and details from directors, producers, etc
  • Setting up and testing sound equipment before events, broadcasts, or recordings
  • Recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks (instruments, vocals, etc.)

What Sound Engineering Entails 

How To Be A Sound Engineer In Nigeria

Job Brief Of A Sound Engineer

 Sound engineers are required to record, mix, and edit music and audio to achieve the finest acoustic outcome. 

As a sound engineer, you will set up and run sound equipment during live events, recordings, or post-production.

Sound engineers know how to handle delicate audio equipment and are skilled at using it to create high-quality sound. 

You must be familiar with a variety of audio recording and editing methods. As a sound engineer, you must have a creative mind and a good ear.

Job Description Of A Sound Engineer

  • Follow instructions and details from directors, producers, etc
  • Set up and test sound equipment before events, broadcasts, or recordings
  • Record, edit and mix audio tracks (instruments, vocals, etc.)
  • Enhance the sound quality and add sound effects to recordings
  • Work with video editors to synchronize video with audio tracks
  • Play backing tracks and special effects during live events
  • Collaborate with lighting, camera, and other people
  • Create and maintain sound libraries
  • Resolve technical issues when they arise

Requirements And Skills Needed For A Sound Engineer Job

  • Proven experience as a sound engineer
  • Technical expertise in sound engineering techniques (e.g. equalization)
  • Experience with sound editing and recording equipment (e.g. mixing consoles)
  • Working knowledge of recording software and hardware (e.g. Pro Tools)
  • A team player with excellent communication skills
  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent hearing and manual dexterity
  • A high school diploma; Degree in audio/sound engineering or a related field is a plus

Average Salary Of A Sound Engineer In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates of 2 sound engineers in Nigeria, the average monthly salary of a sound engineer in Nigeria is 60,000 Naira. 

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