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Job Description And Average Salary Of Sales Clerk Job

Salary Of Sales Clerk Jobs

Let’s take a close look at the job description and average salary of a sales clerk job. Before we proceed, we need to know who a sales clerk is. Keep reading…

Who Is A Sales Clerk?

A sales clerk is a trained individual who welcomes customers and helps them make purchases in a store. A sales clerk has other duties which include managing the store’s inventory, placing new orders when needed, and assisting customers in locating the goods they require while shopping. To make sure clients discover the things they need and have a positive shopping experience, a Sales Clerk will collaborate with numerous experts, such as Cashiers. The duties of the sales clerk also include stocking shelves, ringing up purchases for consumers, and managing inventory.

Qualities Of A Good Sales Clerk

In order to assist clients in finding the products they need while shopping and to answer their queries, a good sales clerk must possess exceptional customer service abilities.

Job Brief Of A Sales Clerk

Sales clerks are normally being hired by stores to assist clients in locating the things they are looking for as well as respond to any inquiries they may have when doing business with us. Answering client inquiries and assisting clients in completing their transactions are among the duties of the sales clerk. A sales clerk will deal directly with customers to direct them toward things and help them make purchases.

Job Description Of A Sales Clerk

  • Work at the point-of-sale counter to process transactions
  • Assist customers in locating products by going through the inventory
  • Call other store locations to find items that are not available in the store based on customer requests
  • Suggest new items to customers based on their selections
  • Enter sales data and customer data into the company database 
  • Keep records of special orders

Requirements And Skills For A Sales Clerk Job

  • Proven work experience as a Sales Clerk or similar role
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to remain calm with difficult customers
  • Prior experience in retail
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as a Sales Clerk

Average Salary Of A Sales Clerk

Based on salary estimates from 10 people who work as sales clerks across different stores in Abuja, the average salary of a sales clerk is 25,000 Naira. 

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