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Job Description And Average Salary Of PR Executive Jobs In Nigeria

Average Salary Of PR Executive Jobs In Nigeria

PR jobs in Nigeria is fast becoming a hot cake. For those looking forward to work as a PR executive, this post is for you as it sheds light on the PR executive job description, average salary and other relevant details about the job. 

Who Is A PR Executive?

 A PR executive is Public relations professional who manages the reputation and image of an organization. He or she works to gain public understanding and support through planned publicity campaigns for the organization. A job as public relations (PR) executive entails utilizing all media and communication channels to develop, preserve, and manage a company’s clients’ reputations. 

Job Brief Of A PR Executive

PR executives are being hired to oversee interactions between a business and outside parties, organizations are always on the lookout for a self-motivated and passionate public relations (PR) executive. As a PR executive, you will represent the company as its “face” and play a key role in boosting its goodwill and credibility.

Above all else, a great PR executive is a great communicator. They are imaginative and knowledgeable about various strategies for locating and interacting with the right target audience. The objective is to create a robust communications network around the business that will guarantee positive relationships with the public and increase public knowledge of the business and its brand.

Job Description Of A PR Executive

  • Devise creative public relations strategies that fit the company profile
  • Develop effective PR plans using appropriate strategies and tactics
  • Organize and coordinate PR activities
  • Use a variety of channels (TV, press, internet, etc.) to maximize company exposure
  • Liaise with marketing professionals to ensure consistency in promoting a corporate image
  • Arrange for interviews or public speaking events and construct press releases
  • Advise the company on handling sensitive public issues to preserve the reputation
  • Assess opportunities for sponsorships and other partnerships and manage relations
  • Analyze results of PR campaigns or efforts and prepare reports

Requirements And Skills For A PR Executive Job

  • Proven experience as public relations executive or similar role
  • Proven experience in coordinating and managing effective PR campaigns through various channels
  • Solid knowledge of social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills; comfortable as a public speaker
  • Ability to build strong relationships with key people or organizations
  • A creative mind partnered with the ability to find the best practical solutions
  • BSc/BA in PR, marketing, or similar field

Average Salary Of A PR Executive In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 5 PR executives, the average salary of a PR executive in Nigeria is 244,000 Naira per month. Entry-level PR executives earn up to 211,000 Naira while mid-level PR executives earn around 250,000 Naira. A senior-level PR executive in Nigeria earns a minimum of 280,000 Naira. 

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